The Truth Behind the Kitchen

Cleaning Eating vs Macros vs Restrictions vs Scales vs Chicken vs Almonds vs Healthy fats … yadda yadda!! What does it all MEAN? 


I know you hear “healthy fats” and “complex carbohydrates” but do you really know WHY you want these things? Here are 2 reasons: 

1. You want to lose weight

2. You want to fill your body with healthy and nutritious foods to just overall be a healthier human being 


Both are great goals. Both are done in completely different ways. 

What is Clean Eating? What comes to mind? Apples, bananas, grilled chicken, salad, always salad, (nothing but salad right? no dressing. no croutons. no cheese), almonds! 

Superfoods!! You think, “I bet those are awesome!” Avocados, pomegranates, blueberries, salmon, brown rice.

Clean Eating in my opinion DOES exist contrary to some belief. It’s feeding your body whole nutritious foods that give you lots and lots of vitamins and minerals. Avocados provide your daily amount of Vitamin C and vitamin K. Brown rice provides magnesium which is needed for many biological processes. We all know bananas have potassium (hardly enough to matter, but nevertheless it’s something everyone knows). Each one of these whole foods offers micronutrients which is fantastic. 

Eating an apple per day though satisfies the nutrients and minerals of just that…apples. How many are guilty? If you start eating fruits and vegetables, you eat the same ones because who can buy like 20 different ones and juice all the time? Let’s be real here. However, you are getting Vitamin C, Vitamin B (riboflavin, thiamine and pyridoxine), potassium, phosphorus, and calcium every day. You are just getting ONLY those same nutrients and not the other wonderful ones in other fruits and veggies.

So, lets go back to reason 1. You want to lose weight. That’s completely different than clean eating in my personal lowly opinion. This is a matter of MACRONUTRIENTS. Carbs, proteins, fats, and calories based on your height weight age and metabolic capacity depending on how much you’ve tampered with it over the years from failed fad diets. When you find your set macronutrient profile then you stick to that, and you lose weight. You could do this with oreos. The ISSUE with this is that you would only get like 1 oreo. No matter what anyone tries to say, a carb is a carb is a carb and will be metabolized as such. 

So then why do I always eat healthy foods? Because first and foremost, I like to feed my body to obtain those micronutrients knowing that I’m going to live a long and healthy life. But also because I know that these have a low macronutrient profile. Who wants to eat a poptart with 38g of carb in literally ONE pastry? Not this girl. That’s 3/4 cup of oatmeal for me. Or let’s say something that we think is healthy? 6 inch flat bread egg white sub from Subway. SIXTY grams of carb. That’s 7.5 protein pancakes!!! It’s up to you how you fulfill those macros each day. I just chose to eat more with less macro dense foods. 

When you are eating “clean”, sometimes weight loss is not necessarily going to happen. Let’s say you want to juice this nice big smoothie for breakfast. That’s FANTASTIC and sounds so deliciously nutritious. BUT, take note that if you put 1 apple and 1 banana in there, you’re already at 60g of carb. Add that skim milk in there with some strawberries and you’ll easily hit 100. And then you’ll be hungry by 10. 

LAST point on this whole topic. ALTHOUGH, a carb is a carb, complex carbs are processed slightly different. This is why you will see wheat vs white breads, sweet potato vs white potato and brown rice vs white rice. To put it simply, you’re body has to work harder and burns more energy to absorb the whole complex carbs therefore burning more calories in the process and absorbing less calories.

And don’t get me started on subtracting fiber and doing net carbs. That’s a topic for another day! 

Get educated!!! Don’t always just believe the hype! 


Healthy Shrimp and Grits



1 lb of shrimp (precooked from Walmart)

1/4 grated parmasean cheese

1 cup grits

6 pieces of turkey bacon (gluten free brand-0g fat)

1/4 cup nutritional yeast (or if you are feeling dirty cheddar cheese 😉 ) 


Cook 1 cup grits on stove top for 5 minutes boiling

Broil 6 pieces of bacon at the same time in the oven until crisp (about 5 min as well) 

Add 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese to grits and stir (You can add 1 tablespoon butter but I just used spray butter & salt to taste)

Put bag of pre cooked shrimp in skillet with salt, pepper, garlic and spray a lot with spray butter (stir until pink) 

Pour out desired amount of grits with shrimp, 2 pieces of turkey bacon broken on top with nutritional yeast for topping that gives the consistency of cheese! 🙂 

ENJOY!!!!!!! ❤