Good fat, bad fat, short fat, long fat

Okay let’s talk fats. Put your thinking caps on. I’m gonna keep this short, simple, sweet and to the point!

Side Story: I used to be so afraid of peanut butter because it was so dense in calories that I would buy the packaged nab crackers, and scrap the peanut butter off and eat the cracker. Wow, how simple knowledge of nutrition will change you!

What are your bad fats?

Saturated and trans fats otherwise referred to as solid fats. These can be found in red meats, butter, and other packaged products. These fats have been shown to increase your LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and lower your HDL (“good cholesterol”) leading to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

What are your good fats?

Unsaturated (monounsaturated or polyunsaturated) or omega-3-fatty acids are your good fats and these are liquid at room temperature. These fats include oils, nuts, seeds, avocados, fish, etc etc. Good fats are shown to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol and triglycerides, help keep insulin and blood sugar levels controlled, and also possibly shown to help blood pressure.


AVOCADOS FOR THE WIN RIGHT? Okay, let’s delve deeper. Why do we care?

I’m gonna just be honest here. Do you care about your cardiovascular health or do you care about your physique? I care about both, and so I try to keep the balance but I’m also 24 years old, and I don’t think that all of this matters. If you are someone at high risk of cardiovascular disease or you are someone who has had issues with your cholesterol, then YES you should pay attention to this.

However, if you are walking through the grocery store, they will put NO TRANS FAT on their potato chips and without even realizing it, you subconsciously think, “Oh that’s healthier, so I should buy that.” You know that’s not going to do ANY difference for you, right? Side Note: No food has trans fat so that’s just marketing.

I am 100% about health and focusing on labs, but I’m also about the truth and the truth of the matter is “health” and “body image” are a blurred line. Do you HONESTLY care about your LDL level? Let’s be real.

I probably will never eat an avocado again. I just don’t LIKE them so what is the point? I think we torture ourselves with these things that we feel we are “supposed” to eat. Delve deeper into the WHY!!! This doesn’t mean I’m going to eat ONLY trans and saturated fats however it does mean that I know that if I eat those, it’s not going to hinder my progress and I know I have a balance so I’ll remain healthy.

Last but not least, avocados have “healthy” fats so everyone’s all about the guac these days but do you knowwwww how much fat. It’s unreal. An avocado has 29g of fat!! That’s the same as 6 oz of steak so is that even a real question of which I’d rather eat?? HA!

So what is my recommendation? Balance. As usual, that’s always going to be the answer. Eat natural oils, almonds, and guac. When you have the juiciest delicious steak, it’s not going to affect you any differently than the raw unsalted whole natural almonds that taste like chewing on a piece of bark did.

And if you don’t have blood pressure issues, eat some dang honey roasted almonds and enjoy your food!!! HEALTH IS NOT MEANT TO BE MISERABLE!

With love and peanut butter,



P.S. For all the haters, trolls, or otherwise wise guys out there, I’m aware that a stable insulin levels are shown to increase fat loss. I also know that unsaturated fats help to stabilize insulin and should be noted in diabetic patients. So feel free to enjoy your bark, I’ll take my steak 😉


Aspartame –> The Horror

Okay, if you have followed me very long you know 2 things: 

1. I do consume artificial sweeteners with pride 

2. I go straight to the source (clinical trials) to tell you why 

Aspartame was originally “discovered” in 1965. He was preparing an intermediate step in a drug formulation and licked his finger (yea I know weirdo right HA) and discovered that whatever that taste was, was really sweet. 

And there it began… 

It was approved in 1975 based on many different studies however it was pulled from the market in 1980 due to tumors found in rats that were undetermined whether they caused harm in humans. 

That’s when the rumors all began running rampant. Everyone was TERRIFIED of aspartame, and people ran as far as they could get away from it without even really consulting the REAL data which CLEARLYYYY stated that it was UNCLEAR but just to be on the safe side, we aren’t going to approve it. 

To date, aspartame is thought to be the most widely studied food chemical. If you go look for data, you could literally read for days and days and I don’t claim to have read every single study (ain’t nobody got time for that). In 1996, the FDA released a statement that after intricate studying, aspartame was found to be safe even in consumption of what would be considered “toxic levels” (like 11,000 sodas per day).

I will give you a quick run down of the most typical fears of aspartame so we aren’t here all day: 

1. Does it cause cancer? The thyroid tumors that were found in mice was due to a specific enzyme that rats have that we don’t. Many many studies have been done on tumor growth and no difference is seen every single time.

2. Does it cause neurological defects or seizures? No. The study shows insignificance. I don’t understand how these rumors even get started when you go to the study and it concludes that this was a false claim. 

3. Does aspartame cause you to inadvertently gain weight from hunger and cravings? NO NO NO! This one just annoys me. It’s a negligent caloric intake but it has this bad reputation for causing you to crave more sweet products. That’s just simply not the case in clinical trial and everyone that was put in the studies were shown to LOSE weight when the only thing that was replaced was aspartame. The ORIGINAL study had no patient control factors so the patients that were intaking aspartame could have also been pigging out during that time and they didn’t control for this. It was a study of about 20 patients, but yet people believe it like the truth of the Bible. 

4. Does aspartame give you headaches? This is something that is the most common side effect of aspartame and I can even attest that I feel it causes me to have some headaches. This is a discomfort therefore if you are having migranes and are consuming lots of diet soda, it’s something to consider. But the headaches aren’t associated with any sort of damage. It just simply causes some different inflammatory changes causing the blood vessels to dilate.

5. What products contain aspartame? This one is funny because people act like they avoid the artificial sweetener packets and diet soda and they are avoiding aspartame. It is in EVERYTHING. Some individuals have a true allergy to aspartame, and that must be HARD because it’s unavoidable. 

6. Do I work for Diet Pepsi or Diet Sundrop? I wish!!! 😉 I’m kidding and I’m trying to endorse these products. They contain an acidity that I haven’t looked into as much and I’m not telling you to go out and consume tons of it however if you want one, it’s not a big deal. You aren’t going to die. One study was actually done in rats where they injected the equivalent of 11,000 diet sodas into one rat over the span of 10 years looking for tumor growth. Nothing. You heard right….NO DIFFERENCE!!! 


Aspartame is also not the only sweetener as you know. There are many other formulations, and they have been studied and found to be safe as well. 

I feel as if when people are trying to make healthy changes in their life, they begin cutting everything. They do a sweeping generalization and cut out everything enjoyable in their lives. Just focus on changes that aren’t so devastating, and right now, don’t focus on aspartame. You’ll be okay!!

This was a really quick rundown from just the top of my head. If you would like the actual articles, you can find these on pubmed or I can send you links of any individual study that you would like to read for yourself and see that I’m not just pulling a fast one on you! 🙂

I drink diet soda every day. I use sweet n low every day and I don’t feel unhealthy because of it.

With love of aspartame,


photo (17)

12 Tips for the Macro Newbie

So, you get macros from your coach or friend or website (which I don’t recommend) and you are left with the thoughts of “Well now, how do I fit things into these numbers? I’m lost. I’m confused. This is going to take me hours upon hours”

I wanted to share a few key things to help you get started!

1. It’s not as hard as it looks. It’s a puzzle and it’s kinda fun. You look at labels, you scan in labels into myfitnesspal, and these numbers are added together for you by myfitnesspal and you try to hit a total for the day!

When you go into your diary for the day, it will have a circle (pie chart) icon in the bottom right hand corner. Click on that. That brings you to the screen below. Click on where the arrow is. This takes you to your daily totals.

image (19)

2. Most likely if you are given numbers that are of any worth, your protein will be very high so you should aim to have protein at every meal. I prepare all protein in advance, and save the carbs for whatever I’m craving on that day. Constantly in my fridge you will find: cooked chicken, cooked ground turkey, cottage cheese, plain greek yogurt, eggs and I just add these into my different meal choices and recipes daily. My other protein sources I keep on hand not in the fridge are low sodium tuna packets and quest bars (which also contain good amounts of carb and fat).

3. Sweeten things on your own. I buy everything sugar free. This is not so that I can restrict myself. It’s simply so that I’m able to eat more VOLUME to fit my numbers. The more food the merrier for the least amount of macros! That’s the goal so you find tricks! Buy PLAIN greek yogurt and sweeten it with artificial sweeteners (I don’t believe they are bad for you and I will write about that research on another day). Then I add vanilla cupcake goldfish instead of granola.

4. Find substitution recipes. If you are craving something, I guarantee you there is a recipe for it on instagram with the same frequent ingredients that you should keep on hand: protein powder, oats, plain greek yogurt, vanilla extract, baking powder, coconut flour, and egg whites

pumpkin pancakes

5. All Walden farms except for their pancake syrup is disgusting. Don’t waste your money. However, their pancake syrup is THE BOMB.COM PHENOM. It’s hard to find in stores, but you can always buy it online and I find it’s actually cheaper that way.


6. You want a protein powder that’s less than 10g of carb per serving size, and you want to add it into recipes. Please tell me if you are a human being that likes protein shakes with just water or almond milk because….yuck. I do however use it for recipes! “But Katie, what do you have post workout?”—> I eat real food. I have chicken, potatoes, and broccoli.

7. Some things that should be a staple for you are unsweetened almond milk (1 cup is only 2.5g fat, 0.5g carb, 1g protein) , fat free reddi whip, low carb flat out wraps or other low carb wrap options, and spray butter! All can be added in so many different variations to things for virtually no macros. (Note: I’ve heard of people getting crazy with spray butter though like pouring it on things to which I used to be guilty, and just beware that it DOES contain massive amounts of fats if you aren’t just doing sprays)

8. Many mistakenly think that because chicken is a “protein” and peanut butter is a “fat” that you just associate them as such. NO WAY JOSE! Peanut butter has carbs and proteins and chicken has fats so you need to log all of this in myfitnesspal. It will do the adding up for you.


9. Don’t think that you have to eat the entire serving size, and you can normally put in crazy serving sizes into myfitnesspal. One of my serving sizes is 1 goldfish. Obviously, I never eat just one but that way I can just add in however many I do put in my yogurt whether it’s 3 or 6 because the normal serving size is like 52 and that math is just too hard.

smore goldfish

10. Everything has a calorie. Yes, you count veggies. I actually count gum as well which has helped me to stop chewing an entire pack per day. An entire pack is 30g of carb. That’s the equivalent of a skinny cow sandwich. I’d rather have the skinny cow!

11. Don’t count net carbs. Again, that’s a scientific blog post for another day but it’s a waste of your time and you won’t get anywhere. That was a made up term by companies to essentially sell you more product by making you think it’s healthier.

12. Just because it’s deemed “healthy” does not make it macro friendly, and just because it’s macro friendly does not make it nutritious for your body. Fruit has tons of vitamins and minerals however it also is LOADED with natural sugars and CARBS! A banana and a skinny cow hold the same amount of carbs and your body will essentially metabolize them the same. The skinny cow sandwich however is not going to provide you with the vitamins and minerals that the banana will but your body in strict terms of aesthetics will respond the same.


I know it seems overwhelming however it is not. Think of it as a game and a puzzle and I think it’ll become more enjoyable. Look for ways to get the MOST out of your macros every day and play around with numbers with foods you may not even ever eat just to see if you could fit crazy foods into your macros such as burgers, pizza, hashbrowns, french fries, cheesecake, etc etc because I eat these foods ALL the time in certain serving sizes to fit my macros 🙂

With love and macro counting,


Food and Other Drugs

How many of us make food a drug? Can I get a show of hands? I have discussed with others that I would venture to say that 99% of women at some point in their lives will form some form of relationship with food ( whether it be extreme or not)

How sad is that? It breaks my heart.

So yesterday was an awful day. One of those “etch in my mind and you’ll always remember that day” kind of awful. I try to be Positive Patty most of the time, but yesterday… yesterday rocked me.

And I know, that’s life. Side Note: I hate that phrase. I also hate the phrase “well that’s just real life.” It’s always negative. My “real life” will be enjoyed. My “real life” will be finding joy in all situations. Soap box for another day..

Point of this post: How did I deal?

I’m not even kidding you. Some of my thoughts were “I am going to eat so so much. I just want a burger and fries and a bucket of ice cream. I DESERVE IT.” Wait, what?


There is one thing that I’ve done in that thought. I’ve made my situation worse. Far too many times, we turn to food as the answer to help emotionally get through an issue. We think that somehow we DESERVE food. Yes, you do deserve food. You deserve food on a daily basis. You don’t “deserve food” because something bad has happened.

I find those thoughts funny. I have them sometimes, and it’s so clearly my past talking.  It’s somewhat of an out of body experience. It feels like a thought that is literally not my own, and I laugh at it. Sometimes, I’ll have thoughts of “just don’t eat today” and I know that’s my past. It’s so bizarre to me though because one time I literally laughed out loud and told Tanner the thought that had just popped in my mind. It’s so ridiculous. It makes no sense.

Why is food a drug? Why do we do the things that we do and have relationships with food? It’s not the ACTUAL food. It’s the comfort we find in those neurotransmitters going to our brain and it’s the self image that follows that we torment ourselves with.

Let me be clear, and I mean this in the most loving way to free you from your relationship with food if you have one. No one cares what you look like. I don’t go to bed wondering what you weigh. Your boyfriend doesn’t go to bed wondering how much you weigh or what you look like. Your mom doesn’t care. Your friends don’t care. The people that pass you on the street don’t care. Literally, the only person that cares what you look like and what you weigh is YOU. This is because it has no effect on life. It means nothing about the person that you are, the way that you conduct yourself professionally, athletically, or personally. We always bring back the phrase “being comfortable in our skin” which is true and I want that for everyone but why are you uncomfortable? If your clothes are too tight, I get that. That’s uncomfortable. But is your skin uncomfortable? No. We have made this association because we feel SELF CONSCIOUS about the image that others see in us.

When you get to the bottom of it, food is the drug because of the body that is created from the intake of food. We deprive ourselves constantly chasing this image because that’s what we THINK others want of us when really it’s just what WE want of ourselves. Then we have a hard situation and we reward ourselves making food a drug.

To end this blog ( that could literally be pages upon pages if I’m not careful on this topic), what can you do to stop this trend?

For me personally, I look to find the joy in the one that think that is constant and that is Jesus. He never changes, and he is always faithful. He is always abundantly giving, and talk about “deserving.” He rushes to me in those moments, and screams:

“I am here. You are deserving. You DESERVE so much more than the food that you use as your drug. You are deserving of far greater than you can imagine because you limit yourself to the desires of this world. You are deserving of a passionate love story. You are deserving to have a great relationship with your family. You are deserving of a nice home, and a great church community, and great kids because I love you and I want good things for you. You are deserving to live a life FREE of a relationship of food but you are NOT deserving of a rocking body because honestly My Child, when you get to heaven, none of that matters. No one sees the way that your world sees. I love you for your soul. Your body is simply a vessel to continue my work until you get to your eternal home.”

beautiful my darling



Top 12 Things You May Not Know About Competing

I know you read that title, and immediately thought it was going to be negative. NO! I devoted my LIFE to that sport. I gave it absolutely everything that I had, but now that I’m on the outside of it, I just wanted to share some of the things that I learned during my time competing with some good and some bad.

1. You will push more than you ever imagined you could. 

You think that you have drive when you know you’re going to the beach to be in a bikini. Think about the motivation that being on a stage in front of hundreds of people in a bikini brings? HELLO! Time to become a bombshell! You’ll wake up at extreme hours to get your workout in, you’ll say no to every sweet food given to you, and many get very excited that for ONCE they are able to have control over their food choices.

2. It’s ALOT of waiting. 

The glamorous shots that you see on stage are a five second snap shot of a day of waiting. They have the athletes meeting at around 8 which you get all ready for but normally bikini girls don’t go on stage until around 2. You don’t have things to do during this time. You just literally go in a room and sit. Then you walk on stage for maybe 5 minutes, then you get a small break before the night show. The night show may start at 6 and bikini girls may not go on stage until 11pm. So what do you do? Sit. And wait.

3. You will get to experience the euphoria of the greatest cheat meal of your life. 

Truely, it’s unreal. I remember biting into that burger and I will honestly never forget it. HAHA! Your body sends happy neurotransmitters to your brain like I can’t describe. No matter what happens, that cheat meal is amazingggggg. ( However, be extra careful because post show binge is REAL)

4. Politics are HUGE. 

Sometimes, you could be the absolute best looking girl or guy on that stage, and you will not win. In the end, companies are out to do one thing and that is to make money.

Scenario: A team of 30 people come to a show. They all look awful (which never really happens, teams normally all have great looking people). All the awful teammates don’t place. That’s THIRTY people that you have made mad, and won’t come back to your show. The girl that signed up and trained herself that no one knows is of no loss to them monetarily speaking.

People join teams because they know that they have a better chance of going pro on them. I have even heard that you CAN’T go pro without joining one. This is all “rumors” but just so you know what others say, but I have heard that girls sleep with judges just to get a trophy. Girls sleep with photographers to get in the big magazines. I’m ABSOLUTELY NOT saying this is always the case AT ALL, but apparently it does happen.

5. Unless you are one of the few that is able to balance from the first competition (which is what I want to STRIVE SO HARD to help girls do), you might push some friends and family to the back burner unintentionally.

I would like to take a moment and formally thank my family and friends for putting up with me (haha!). It’s so hard when you are just starting to find all of the information without doing it the hard way. I feel many do their first show in the ridiculous fashion where they essentially starve themselves and leave on protein and tiny amounts of carb and high amounts of cardio. This is going to make you grumpy. This is going to make you not want to do other things, or be at functions where food is involved. However, it is also normally only a short window of time and if your family supports your goals, then honestly it shouldn’t be a big deal if they have to commit to this for a few months.

6. You’ll achieve a body that you never imagined was possible. 

Society almost doesn’t allow you to do the crazy things that you do to get to the stage if you don’t have a show to blame it on. You feel like you are “allowed” to say no in certain circumstances because a show is around the corner that normally you would “feel rude turning down cake at Granny’s 90th birthday party that she prepared your favorite flavor just for you even though it was her birthday” type thing.

Many become addicted to this body though, and it’s not maintainable. The body fat percentage that you achieve on stage is something that’s meant for that one day. It’s not healthy for women to maintain that, and many water deplete to get there so you aren’t going to have that body on a day to day basis. We have fluctuations from carbs and water and all of our food, so I think the glamorous stage shots can be misleading to girls who are just starting out in fitness about the bodies that they can achieve.

7. Many many many girls preach health and don’t practice it

Many top level competitors and who have STILL not figured out the science eat talapia with asparagus while running on a treadmill for 2 hours per day. I saw an interview once of a bikini athlete who said that if you wanted it and wanted to be a bikini girl, you needed to go ahead and block out 2.5 hours of your day each day doing cardio ( wait, WHAT? ). That’s not the norm and I think that many are FINALLY figuring out the balance of health with competing, but peak week water depletion and sodium restrictions on top of diuretic use and even some steroids to lean girls out can cause MAJOR health consequences, but no one seems to care.

8. You meet a lot of really amazing people.

I cannot say how many amazing people I have met through this industry. Some of the most passionate, dedication, interesting, driven people are apart of bodybuilding. You have to have a certain mindset to be able to compete that not everyone has that I love in others. You bound through the struggles that you had to go through to get to the stage and you make life long friends. Then, there are the people that aren’t the competitors but the coaches and the ones that run the show and backstage at the show. It’s like one big party and everyone just loves on one another because they know what it took to get to that day. I love that aspect and will never forget those relationships.

9. Be prepared to spend A LOT of money. 

-Competition Suit ($250-$1000)

-Training ( Most are around $1000)

-Tanning ($100-$150 if you get it done at the show)

-NPC Card ($100 each year)

-Application for each show ($80)

-Tickets to get into the event ($35 for pre show and $50 for night show so $85 total. This can differ but it is a ball park number)

-Jewelry ($20-$50): This just depends on what you get and where and if you find a deal ( I wore my wedding jewelry haha!)

Then, of course you have all the food and supplements that you buy but I don’t count that because I would do that anyway. Many become pro after two shows, but many work for years and years. Once you go pro, you will start getting paid for certain things but it’s also not much and almost all top level competitors have to continue working their full time jobs. It must be something that you TRULY just want.

10. A post show reverse dieting plan is JUST as important as the competition plan. 

Post show binge eating is running RAMPANT!! You don’t have that show right around the corner to get you up in the morning or to stick to your plan and so you start to try to eat normal again. Your body is not used to it, and your mind is not used to it and many unfortunate times this leads girls into a dark web of post competition depression where they binge eat to oblivion and can’t seem to find control of their lives. It’s very sad, and I experienced this on a very small scale before I took the reigns back and said “NO! I WON’T DO THIS!”

You normally have “dieted down” to get to the show so you need to SLOWLYYYY diet back up. The best thing that I ever did at my last show is I had ONE froyo and that was it. The next day I went right into reverse dieting. I have stuck to my plan relentlessly, and had very few “cheats”. Most of the time I fit them into my macros. Because of this, I have been able to only gain about 3lbs, but I have increased by 70g carbs and 20g fat because I stuck to a plan!!! It’s so so so important for your mental and physical. It’s SO BAD for your body to fluctuate in weight the way competitors do.

11. Stage presence is a HUGE player in bikini.

It’s always a joke, but it’s the truth. You could have the best physique but if you don’t show up to flirt with the judges and shake ya tail feather, it ain’t happening. You MUST practice posing. You MUST have some confidence up there to be able to take home the gold.

12. Contrary to popular belief, all fitness roads do not end in competing. All fitness roads don’t end in lifting weights and making gains. 

It disheartens me how almost every email I receive says “I don’t want to compete, but I do want to get in shape.” Why does this new disclaimer have to be there because of instagram? NOT EVERYONE COMPETES AND THAT’S OKAY!!! We all don’t have to have an end goal of standing on a stage in a bikini in front of hundreds of people. That’s not for everyone. It’s also not the only way to get super fit!!! I’m on a mission to stop this trend, and my ideas for the future of katiesfitscript are just about to burst out of me, but I’ll keep them to myself for now! 🙂

I know this was long, and probably grueling, but I wanted to share from my experience! I’m so so glad that I competed. It changed my life, and taught me more about myself then I will ever know but I have to say that I’m not sure that I’ll ever step foot on a stage again after not competing, and viewing it from the outside! However, I love so many of the people in competing that it breaks my heart to say that so maybe I’ll just go to all of their shows to support them! Hehe! 🙂

With love and competing,



Gluten-Free or Faux?

glutenI would like to preface this blog post by saying that many who read this have Celiac’s disease. The diagnosis of Celiac’s disease is when a person is having abdominal discomfort, pain, flatulence, diarrhea or constipation and they go to the doctor. The doctor will do a duodenal biopsy and test for “anti-transglutaminase antibodies.” If these are positive, an individual is started on a gluten free diet to eliminate the cause of the irritation to the stomach.

Other individuals have what is called “gluten sensitivity” This means that they may not have the antibodies or the positive biopsy but have noticed that when they ingest foods with gluten, they have those same symptoms.

However, if you think that becoming “gluten free” makes you healthier or that it will help you lose weight, this is just not the case.

Eliminating gluten from your diet will have about the same effect for someone who is not allergic to gluten the same way as someone eliminating peanuts when they have no peanut allergy. There is absolutely no point.

Gluten is simply a product that gives elasticity to dough helping it to keep it’s shape. Gluten can be found in many products that we are all familiar with such as bread, cake, beer, cereals, baked goods, normally wheat based products. Those that believe they should eliminate gluten immediately X these foods from their diet. Many start eliminating things such as rice cakes or brown rice without knowing that rice is a CARBOHYDRATE which does not automatically mean that it contains gluten.

If you start eliminating gluten, most of these products are carbohydrates therefore low carbohydrate diets equals fat loss. This does not mean GLUTEN FREE equals fat loss in any way. Gluten is not the enemy!!! Gluten free products ( most of the time ) have MORE calories, and are not absorbed any differently than your normal carbohydrate sources and quite frankly they are expensive.

I would never want to offend anyone but it bothers me also when individuals claim that they have an allergy but they don’t realize that gluten is in most all salad dressings, soy sauce, candy, pickles, vitamins and mineral supplements, and un natural meat sources such as deli meats and hot dogs so they may eat these with no complaints.

Recently in 2013, a study was released that shows that the reduction of FODMAP’s are the reason for why individuals feel better when they eliminate gluten, which is exactly what I stated above. FODMAP’s simply stands for carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed in the small intestine so therefore when gluten is eliminated, so are all of these other carbohydrate sources which is the reason for the gastrointestinal relief ( lower carb ).

I’m not saying that eliminating gluten doesn’t make individuals feel better. I know that it upsets stomachs, and causes discomfort however strictly from a fat loss and “becoming healthy” stand point, there is absolutely no reason to eliminate gluten from your diet unless you have spoke with and been tested by your physician. Eliminating gluten provides no addition health benefits. It is strictly eliminated for the purposes of people that have an allergy and get upset stomachs from eating products that contain gluten.

I also have a friend that has Celiac’s and not to say that it bothers her, but it does because she knows the TRUE struggle of not being able to eat gluten products and it’s a hassle. It’s extremely difficult every where that she goes. It’s not something to self induce upon yourself.

With love and gluten,


What are macros?

What are macros? 

Macros stands for macronutrients which are all of the nutrients that provide calories from food. You have proteins, fats, and carbs.

Protein contains 4kcal/gram so if something has 20g of protein, it contains 80 calories.

Fats contain 9kcal/gram so if you have something with 5g of fat, it contains 45 calories.

Carbs contain 4kcal/gram so in the same way as protein, if it has 20g of carb, it contains 80 calories.

Alcohol contains 7kcal/gram but is not one of the essential macros because it is not needed for survival… that is what the experts say at least 😉

Net carbs is just simply the amount of carbs that are in a particular food minus the amount of carb that has no impact on blood glucose levels. Keeping blood glucose levels staple can impact fat loss HOWEVER, YOU STILL ABSORB THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF CALORIES. It just simply has a lower glycemic index if the net carb is low so I pay no attention to net carbs. I count the complete carb in the food. 


Why do different distribution of macros matter?


Carbs are what we utilize for energy and are your main source of fuel. Carbs are converted into energy. Carbohydrates are essential for the functioning of many organs including your heart and brain.

Fats helps protect your organs and is the most concentrated form of energy. There are three types of fats (saturated, unsaturated and trans fat). No trans fat does not equal weight loss. It just simply has been shown that unsaturated fat decreases the risk for heart disease.

Proteins are essential for growth and development. Proteins help build lean muscle mass, and are the energy source when you do not intake carbohydrates. Muscle mass for the purposes of this blog equals metabolism. If you don’t intake carbohydrates, you must use protein for energy breaking down your source of muscle mass preservation and essentially slowing down your metabolism.

How do I count macros if I’m just starting?

Myfitnesspal app and website are my favorite. There are other apps such as Macros+ that I’ve heard are great too! The easiest thing to do before you even commit to changing lifestyle is just to become familiar with foods.

What foods are protein sources? What foods are carb sources? Fats? How can I arrange these foods into a puzzle piece that fits certain numbers that my body can metabolize for the day?

A key note here is that all protein sources have fats and carbs. All carb sources have fats and proteins. It all matters. No food has 0 calories although some are negligent. This is not to make you obsessive, but just to make you knowledgeable.

How do I know what my macros should be for the day? 

1. Trial and error

–No one is going to be able to tell you on Day 1 what will make you lean out and how fast. Everyone is different, and sometimes it takes time to figure out what works which leads me to point ..

2. Get a human to help you

–All of the online calculators are using population averages and norms. They do not know your history of dieting and metabolism damage. They do not know your personal goals whether you want to lean down, bulk up, or maintain.

3. High protein and lower carb

–Again, many online calculators including myfitnesspal will do ridiculous percentages that make no sense for fat loss. Even though I believe it’s ESSENTIAL to have carbs, I also think lowER carb is here to stay. It simply works. This DOES NOT mean eliminating them.

4. 40% protein/ 35% carb/ 25% fat

–I’m not giving away crazy secrets here. This is what seems to work really well for a lot of people. So if you have 1500 calories then that would mean:

1500* 0.40 (protein) = 600calories/4cal/g =150g protein

1500* 0.35 (carbohydrate)=525calories/ 4kcal/g= 131.25g carb

1500* 0.25 (fats)=375calories/ 9kcal/g = 42g fat

5. Learning your total daily expenditure or caloric amount can be tricky but again, trial and error

So what are those letters IIFYM?

This stands for “If it fits your macros”

This essentially means that no matter the source whether processed or “squeaky clean” foods, your body will metabolize them the same.

There are MANY opinions on this, many judgements on this, and all I want this to be is what I believe to be true.

Your body produces a different insulin response based upon the different forms of carbohydrates that you provide. This would be your high glycemic index foods (most of the time more processed foods) versus your lower glycemic index foods (typical sweet potato, brown rice, oatmeal). Stable insulin response is good for many reasons including fat loss, however if you maintain a balance of both high and low, this is still a stable insulin response that your body becomes used to.

Your body adapts to eating processed foods as carbohydrate sources. I am not endorsing that we eat crap all day. I hardly ever eat processed crap. My day is 90% whole nutritious foods with 10% junk because I love it just like everyone else.

However, if we are strictly speaking in terms of WEIGHT AND FAT LOSS not overall health from the vitamins and minerals of whole foods, you can essentially eat bad foods in the same macronutrient distribution and maintain the same progress. I am living proof of this.

I’m going to leave the entire science of IIFYM for another blog post because I could go into GRAVE detail on net carbs, insulin responses, trans fats vs unsaturated but I’m just trying to give you the nitty gritty “what is going to get me a rocking summer bod” post without starving myself.

I want to inspire you to become knowledgeable. Knowledge is power. 

With love and science,