The Science Behind a Binge

Unfortunately, I feel that binge eating is becoming more and more common. It’s a very real issue that seems to be inevitable in all “fitness” related topics (again unfortunately). It seems to be super common post competition because of the restrictions that is placed on competitors and without the competition as motivation, binge eating sets in and it literally feels like a black hole of depression.

Before I delve into the purpose of writing this, I wanted to say that if binge eating is an issue for you then just know that I know the hardship and how deeply it hurts. It essentially consumes your life, your thoughts, and can be very debilitating. I do want to define a binge for the purposes of this blog post. I think that lately it’s been overused. Overeating at a thanksgiving meal is not a binge. Having way too much cheesecake is not a binge. A binge is the overwhelming feeling that you literally can not stop. You eat and eat and eat to the point of exhaustion and you can’t stop. You normally will consume so much food to the point of a lot of pain, nausea, and go to bed with shame. You are then consumed with guilt ……. and then you go through instagram and see what girls have it better than you and who you think have it all together. I believe this is a real problem. I could literally write BOOKS on the emotional ties to this however that is not the purpose of this post. This is not purely a scientific issue (as we well know, it’s mental as well) however I feel that knowledge is power and knowing can help you make steps.


(This is proof that in fact I do eat cheesecake!)

The hypothalamus controls the emotional connection with overindulgence ESPECIALLY after a state of self restriction. We are taught from a very young age that when we receive something in excess that we love, this is a good thing. It alters the neurotransmitters in our brain to feel happy thoughts.

It all relates to insulin levels. When you restrict your food intake (most competitors or chronic dieters), your insulin levels are very low. When your insulin levels get super low, the hypothalamus (which controls mood and cravings) is more sensitive to the foods that we eat that will raise that insulin level. This goes back to the glycemic index of foods.

We are taught that we should “eat brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal” because these foods have a low glycemic index. A low glycemic index of foods tend to keep insulin levels stabalized and can help with fat loss. This is why they are the “go to foods.” However, there are very few people that can just live on sweet potato alone (I mean it’s good but so are hashbrowns). When you eat a food that has a high glycemic index ( anything processed essentially –including rice cakes ), this can cause a spike in your insulin levels. The effects that occur at this point are comparable to  a heroin addict. That reaction of not being able to stop eating. You walk away but you literally just want to cry because it’s so powerful. If you have ever “beat a binge” then let me tell you friend, you are AWESOME! You beat heroin addiction 😉 If you have struggled or no anyone that has struggled, they may speak of the “triggers” that they can’t have in the house. Think about those…most likely they are foods of high glycemic index. This causes the spike and the cascade of emotions.

glycemic index

(Just a little look at which are high and which are low glycemic index foods)

So, now I’ll explain how I believe that we can stop this.

If you notice, many girls that switch to IIFYM (macro counting and allowing many different kinds of foods) seem to “beat” this binge eating disorder and many talk very openly about it. I do believe that the mindset of being able to eat many different foods is just liberating in itself but it all goes back to the neurotransmitters in our brain and the stability of the insulin release. Our bodies essentially want homeostasis and stability of that insulin. When your body has these high glycemic foods daily, it is able to recognize that and not go into “self deprivation” mode where the receptors are more sensitive in the hypothalamus. Your insulin response stabalizes. Your insulin release may not be as low as when you were eating brown rice, oatmeal and sweet potato only but the minimal effects of insulin on fat loss are not worth the risk of a binge.

Furthermore, binge eating DESTROYS your metabolism. I don’t even like saying this because it discourages people that they are doomed for life. NO!! However, you can mess up years of building your metabolism with just a week of post show binge eating.  When you eat more and more food, your body will continue to produce insulin by the pancreas. Insulin holds onto everything therefore when you have an overproduction then your body starts hanging onto fat and sugar and stores it. Eventually, with enough binge eating, your pancreas will burn out and will not be able to secrete insulin which leads to diabetes.

Wow, I know this a lot to take in and if you have any questions feel free to comment below. However, with all of this said, the best thing you can do for yourself if this is an issue that you are faced with is:

1. Seek a support system. This may not be through a therapist but at least a family member or a boyfriend/girlfriend.

2. Stop restricting even if the binge occurs. It only continues the cycle.

3. I would recommend having foods with a higher glycemic index reguarly and not just on a “cheat meal” so that your insulin levels get used to this and don’t have that spike!

I really hope this helps!

With love and peaceful eating,





Macro Basics for Booze

So, I get the question about alcohol a lot so I’m going to spell out how to account for this in macros.

I know, I know, you are thinking how ridiculous. Just give me a second.

This is for the person that wants a drink on Monday and Wednesday and Saturday.

Or the person that REALLY wants to stay on track but REALLY wants to have a drink too.

This is not about restriction. This is about making knowledgeable choices.

I will say the easiest way is of course, don’t drink. However, everyone loves a nice cold….WHITE RUSSIAN? That’s my favorite!

Here’s a free tip on the house: Do 3 parts whipped cream vodka, kahlua, and baileys (not cream)! Thank me later 😉

Okay, back to macros!

Alcohol is a macronutrient. It is not a macronutrient that is listed on the nutritional label because it’s not considered “essential to life.” However, it has 7kcal/g. If you aren’t familiar with macros:

Fat has 9kcal/g

Protein has 4kcal/g

Carbohydrates has 4kcal/g

If you take out myfitnesspal currently, you will see that if you look up “Bud Light” or “Vodka”, you will find what you see below.

image photo (2)

If you will note, Bud Light has 6.6g of carbohydrates, 0fat, 0 protein and Vodka has 0g carb/0fat/0protein.

But wait, it has calories listed. Calories are made up of macronutrients. So how is their 0 nutrition and vodka but yet it has calories. If beer has ~7g of carb, then shouldn’t it only have 28 calories??? The macronutrient missing here is pure ethanol.

So, I’m going to give you a run down of the numbers (stick with me) then step by step how to calculate for your special drink.


1gram of alcohol = 0.0352 fluid ounces

WINE   (6fl oz)                                     


X=170g x 7kcal/g=1190kcal

However, wine is 12% pure ethanol

0.12 x 1190kcal=143calories per 6 oz;  

VODKA ( 1 shot = 30ml = 1 fl oz)                                                                                                                                     


X=24g x 7kcal/g=168kcal

80 proof (40% pure ethanol)

0.4 x 168 = 67.2 calories per shot

BEER (12 fl oz)

12 oz = 340g

340g x 7kcal/g = 2380 calories

Avg 4.5% ethanol in beer

0.045 x 2380 calories = 107 calories per 12 oz


I KNOW I JUST LOST YOU! Just read below.

Step 1: Chart whatever drink in myfitnesspal by the ounces. Fit those carbs into your daily macros.

Step 2: Allow for the extra calories that are not accounted for because ethanol is not a listed macro.

Step 3: ENJOY!


Some drinks of choice that I get that don’t have those EXTRA carbs and calories on top of the ethanol are:

Diet coke and vodka

Gin and diet tonic

Fresh lime juice and tequila


Light beers

And when I’m at home, I make my own “whipped cream vodka and baileys” and measure it out! 🙂

photo (3)

With love and White Russians,




Thoughts on a NYC long run

I’m pretty sure all runners can relate to this train of thought that I go through every week:


Oh happy day, I’m a runner. 

I’m so happy I run. 

Running is so fun. 

Let’s settle in to this as this is going to be a long one. 

Just find that pace.


Maybe one day I’ll do an ultra.

Look how cute that dog is. 

Oh my gosh, this song is my JAM! 


I don’t know why everyone hates her. She’s so great.

I’m close to Tribeca. I wonder if I could see her there today.

I’m surprised I haven’t hit a mile yet.

I really do think I could an ultra one day though.

“One mile-pace 6 min 38 seconds per mile; split 6 min 38 seconds”



My GPS must be messed up.

The wind is blowing kinda hard so maybe it thought I was going faster than I was.

Or maybe I’m just that good.

Actually no, because now I’m being passed by lighting speed mcgee to my right.

I suck. I’m the worst runner of all runners.

I hate being passed.

Maybe I could catch them.

Don’t be obvious though as that would be awkward.

Is that my friend? Oh that is so my friend running.

Should I wave?

I should wave.


Never waving again.

Am I going slow enough now? Let me check my watch. 8 min 30 pace.

Ahhh gotta speed up.

Settle in. Find your pace.

I seriously think me and Tswift could be friends if she met me.

Ever wonder which famous people are using the bathroom at this very second?

Is that weird? That is so weird. Why did you even have that thought?

I mean but they are real people.

I’m gonna eat so much food after this.

What could I make with my macros? Today is a 12 miler so that means I get like 75g extra!


No. I don’t wanna spend all my money at one store.

I’ll come up with something. It’s gonna be epic.

Pumpkin. It should be pumpkin. I love pumpkin.

Seriously, I am so mainstream and cliche. Everyone loves pumpkin.

 I wonder if Tanner will be sleeping when I get home. 


I should make his coffee. 

Or maybe he should make ME coffee as I am running 12 miles. 

Okay taxi approaching.

Just run behind it as it passes. 


Clearly, I’m not going to jump out in front of your mr taxi driver. 

I had specifically calculated the time at which your cab would pass at which point I could go behind you. 

Great, he just threw off my time.

Should I sprint to make up?

No. That was a dumb thought.

These streets are so beautiful with no one on them. 

Ah, crap, a cramp. 

Breathe deep. Supply oxygen to the area. 

In through the nose. 

Out through the mouth. 

Why do I choose to be in pain?


I don’t have those right now though.

One foot in front of the other. 

Is that Heidi Powell? Oh my gosh!!! 

I’m about to meet Heidi Powell. 

Holy. Holy. Holy.


So bummed I almost met her but didn’t. 

I cannot believe I have ran 6 miles. 

Halfway there. Push push. 

I cannot fathom those people that do 100 mile runs. 

How in the early world? 

Someday, I’ll run ultras. 


I love this song. But I shouldn’t. 


I should SO go to clubs.

Who am I kidding? Clubs are not my thing. 

I wonder what the service at church tonight will be on. 

I should really read my Bible more and pray more. 

I should use this time to pray. 

Dear Lord, You have blessed me so much…. 



That thing was massive. 

8 miles. WHO’S YOUR DADDY? 3/4 THERE.

I really have got to answer all of those emails today. 

I need to do laundry too. I should probably clean too. 

I’ll make a to do list when I get home. 

I should make a bucket list of races I want to do too. 

I wanna do Boston, Berlin, Chicago, Vegas…okay too many. 

Maybe I got like 50 marathons before I’m 50. 

Is that do-able. That means 2 per year. 

I could SO do that. 

I’m doing it. 

Wait, I want to have babies too. 

Maybe I should re-evaluate. 


That really was my friend. 

I should have smiled bigger.

I just somewhat feel as if my legs may fall off and my lungs may collapse.

Running this far sucks. 

I didn’t mean that. I love you running.

Finish strong. Finish strong. 

Make this last mile your boss. 

My boss? Okay, that made no sense. 



This last mile lasts so long. 

How am I still not there??

Still 0.4 to go? HOW??

This is dumb. I can do this. 

Go. go. go. 


I just ran 12 miles. I. am. awesome. 

I can’t wait wait to run 14. 



How I guestimate my macros and eating out

First and foremost, if you are using myfitnesspal (which is what I recommend to all of my clients) then you are dealing with a database with MILLIONS of restaurants. If you are going to a restaurant that is even a chain in one city, it’ll probably still be in there so first type in the restaurant name in the search bar and see if it comes up. 

If the restaurant is in myfitnesspal 

Step 1: Plan ahead 

Most of the time, friends and family will claim the restaurant that they are going to far in advance and that makes things really easy. You just get on google, and all restaurants are required to give nutritional values for all of their meals. Look through the different meals. Normally, there is a healthy choice area of restaurants but if not, no fear. No one should have macros so low that they couldn’t work around this and just adjust for the rest of the days carbs or fats. 

If you have been wanting a steak, get a steak. You can just have less olive oil/peanut butter later. 

Step 2: Allow room in your day. 

Most likely, you aren’t going to be going out to eat a lot if you are doing flexible dieting. It’s just easier and you get more food if you eat at home so if you are going to be going out to eat, then you should put that meal into myfitnesspal at the beginning of the day and then you can work your other meals around those numbers. 

Step 3: Get a salad. 

It’s not that big of a deal to get a salad. If you are following flexible dieting then you know you can fit some amazing creations for yourself when you get to the house and sometimes it’s just easy to not get crazy and just get a grilled chicken salad. I do this quite often and then I go home and make a huge pile of pancakes 😉 

If the restaurant is not in myfitnesspal (I get asked a lot if I would still go…uhh DUH! This is flexible dieting therefore you are flexible with where you can go so YES! Go!) 

Step 1: Obviously, don’t go buck wild. Don’t think that your day is ruined just because you are going somewhere with no macro information. There are always healthier choices. 

Step 2: Pick something that you think would be the best fit for your macros. If the restaurant does not have information, I always go with the safer options.

Step 3: Get a salad. Haha! Again, I do this quite often as it’s just easier to know that you are getting something good. You don’t leave miserable and mad that you HAD to eat the bad food. Only you care what you eat, no one else really cares, so get what makes you happy mentally and physically. 

So how to calculate that?

Step 1: Put your thinking cap on. Think about the size of what you are actually eating. 

Step 2: Chart generics into myfitnesspal. 

I normally do this while I’m sitting at the table if I’m with my husband. If I get a salad, then yes, I count vegetables. I’m not going to just be like “oh I just had chicken” so if I had a garden salad then I would enter “2 cups lettuce, 1/2 cup cucumbers, 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, 1/4 cup purple onions, 2 tablespoons cheese” 

You can of course get salads with or without cheese. I never get dressing. Not worth your time or macros. 

If you have something different than a salad, then this is what I do. For example: I went to a diner and I got an egg white omelet with veggies, turkey bacon and home fries. This is annoying but this is what I did:

I looked and thought “thats probably only one piece of turkey bacon.” I also thought “If I cooked an omelet, how many eggs would that be” (Tanner and I actually play this game a lot). “These home fries probably were cooked in oil so I need to account for that” 

So this is what I entered: 

3 egg whites 

1/4 cup mushrooms

1/4 cup green peppers 

2 tablespoons sweet onion

1 piece turkey bacon 

1/2 cup Homefries-generic will come up and I look at a couple of options. I pick the one that has the most carb and most fat

The options for homefries didn’t have any fat in them. I knew that was wrong just using my brain knowing they cooked it in oil so I added 1 tablespoon olive oil. 

Many times, Tanner and I have gone to get cheesecake. Again, some places have information listed. If not, I go in ounces. We brought a piece home one time and I weighed what an ounce looked like for kicks and giggles. Yea, cheesecake is DENSE and heavy. But it works now because now I know what an ounce looks like. So, I can have cheesecake and guess how many ounces I had and chart for it. 

This is not obsessive. This is having cheesecake while reaching my goals and who the heck doesn’t want that. So many people will “judge” those counting macros because they think counting is consuming and that you couldn’t possibly do it if you weren’t obsessive. NO. NO. NO. They will just either 1) not eat the cheesecake or 2) Eat the entire piece of cheesecake and talk about the starvation no carb no fat diet they are doing next week where they don’t eat anything essentially. That was exaggerated but you get the point. HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO!!

I hope this helps you to allow yourself to eat out more and always to enjoy life a little more free!! 

With love and eating out,


Macro Madness Part 3

I think at first macro counting can seem extremely overwhelming so I just wanted to really simplify a few things about questions that I get a lot. 

I’m actually really excited to pour all this info on y’all! I think part of the reason that macros can be so confusing is that it’s somewhat of a “fitfam” thing. I just googled “If it fits your macros” and “flexible dieting” just to see what comes up. Honestly, the information is not very good…at all. I can completely understand how you get overwhelmed and confused with how much crap information is out there.

I have gone through some of the questions on a big facebook group called “Female Flexible Dieting” and compiled that in this blog post. 

photo (3)

1. How do I know what my macros should be? 

Here’s the honest to God truth. No matter what calculator you use or how much or how little you pay someone to calculate them, there is no scientific 100% guarantee that this going to be the exact magic numbers for you. I am a big proponent of getting someone to work with you. Try to find someone that you know knows their stuff and give them some of your time and money. It will be worth it. Here’s why: 

They are going to know how to slowly tweek things as the numbers you originally receive honestly may not work. 

Those calculators can give you numbers based on population norms, but it does not take into consideration your metabolism or your goals. Some women have completely destroyed their metabolisms with dieting while other women can eat 2500 calories and still lose weight. 

photo (4)

For kicks and giggles, I calculated my macros. Yep, those aren’t my macros. Not even close. My protein is way higher, and my carbs are slightly lower and my fat is higher than that. The point is, play around with it until you find what works best for you. Some respond better to a higher fat, some higher carb. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!

2. How long before I know if these macros are right for me? 

I think that you should give it 2 weeks on a set of macros. When you change, don’t do anything drastic. Just change slightly maybe by even 5-10g of carb decreased. Try a carb cycle. You would have a moderate carb day most days, a low carb day maybe on your rest day, and a high carb day on your leg day.

3. Are these macros right? 

I think frustrations come from this question because it’s been answered time and again. No one is going to know if they are right for you. Even the most elite coaches can not just look at a set of macros and say “yep those are yours” 

4. If I have this amount of protein or carb or fat left, what should I eat? 

Protein is one that people find hard to hit. I prep chicken and ground turkey at the beginning of every week that I throw in just about every meal but breakfast which I always make protein pancakes. I have cottage cheese, greek yogurt, quest bars for snacks and some ideas that you may not hear of often are that I will have deli meats, perky jerky (like beef jerky and can be found at Walmart or online), and Jack Links Beef Sticks (yes, high sodium, but this is flexible dieting).

Here is a great database on for that :

 5. How do I fit fun foods in?

This is my favorite and most liberating part of this topic. 

If you are going to have something extra naughty then I always add that in at the beginning of the day. Many times, I personally plan these in advance. I will go to Saturday on myfitnesspal and put in “Shake Shack burger”–> I mean have ya had one? wow.

Enter this food before you even begin your day. This way you will have a good idea on how to adjust for the rest of the day. Most of the time, fat is going to be what you will have to adjust so just simply have less peanut butter that day.

image (2)

Reference: Instagram when I guestimacroed this aforementioned Shake Shack meal. 

6. This is just a tip. No one should be on a carbohydrate intake less than 100g per day. The only people that would be that low is someone coming directly out of a show. However if you are less than 100g per day then you probably shouldn’t just jump right to 100g. I would just reverse diet and add 10g extra into your diet per week. 

7. Should I increase what I’m eating because I see these girls eating 250g-300g of carb and they look better than me? 

NO. NO. NO. The “fitfam” has made it look like that everyone can just start off eating this exorbitant amount of food and get results. It just doesn’t work that way. These girls have spent a year of their lives slowly building their metabolisms to handle this amount of food while at the same time lifting weights so they are building muscle. Patience is the absolute key!! 

before after macros


January is right when I started weight lifting and joined an “eating clean” plan. So thankful for macros, but you’ll see it took over a year to build the muscle. I’ve build calories from here, and am up to 2000 now continuing the build.

8. Macros just don’t work for me. I’m just going to eat clean. 

Do me a favor and stick six. Give it six weeks at least. And when I say stick six, I mean like truly give it a chance and stick to your numbers and don’t cheat and then blame it on your coach.

9. Explore, explore, explore! 

Go to the grocery store and give yourself 2 hours. I’m not kidding. It’s a blast! Maybe I’m weird, but I find this truly so fun. You find so many things that you are like HECK YES I CAN FIT THAT IN! Today for example, see below: photo (33)Those french twists only have 30cal (9g C/2gF/0P) in them! That’s great for a treat! 

Here was another great find at Target: 

cookiesCookies by Enternmann’s brand have only 6g C/2.3gF/0.3gP ! I have two with coffee every afternoon now! 

10. Just because it’s deemed “healthy” does not mean that the macros are going to be good. 

This is a common misconception. There are all these amazing recipes out there but sometimes they crack me up. Organic this, organic flax seed that, whole wheat flour this and that. I have started comparing this uber organic-y muffins that people make to a box cupcake mix and quite frankly they are the same. The oat flour used in “cleaner” recipes may have a lower glycemic index (see post from yesterday) but if you are hitting your numbers daily, then macros work, plain and simple. 

11. How do I make this puzzle work?

Aim for 80/20. Eighty percent of your day should be whole nutritious foods with high protein. See protein recommendations above. Save fat by getting extra lean ground turkey. Full fat ground turkey will waste all of your fats. Yes, it’s more expensive. So, is diabetes and a plague in your arteries from fat. When you first start, play on myfitnesspal…a lot. Plug different things in and just become accustomed. You’ll find what works for your macros and you’ll see that this numbers game isn’t so bad after all. 

With love and macro love,


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Should I count net carbs?

This is a question I get ALL of the time. 

I will start this by saying if you do not want to read below, then the simple answer is no. I count all of the carbohydrates that are in the foods that I’m eating. If I’m being 100% honest, I pay no attention to fiber or sugar grams in the foods that I’m eating. Let me explain why. 



I guess the only real reason of this picture is to show you I eat cookies. Like…..everyday now. Haha!

To begin talking about carbs, fibers, and sugars, we must first explain glycemic index. 

Glycemic index is a numerical value that associated with simply what that food will do to your blood glucose levels. When they were originally associating values for this, a person was put on a fast for 12 hours and ate a food on an empty stomach and then the blood sugar was tested. They took an average of 10 patients for each food. ( On a side note: I know this is the best way to do this however there are certain foods that we would never eat first thing in the morning therefore their glycemic index may be different when combined in the stomach with other fatty foods but that’s another blog post)

I’m going to keep this simple so: 

A high glycemic index will cause a more rapid rise in blood glucose levels and are digested quickly. Some examples of these are candy, white bread, cereal, pasta, chocolate.

A lower glycemic index will cause a slower rise in blood glucose levels and is digested much slower. Examples are this are the foods that you always hear are “healthy” such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, seeds, beans, whole grains and some fruits, Usually a lower glycemic index equates to a stable insulin response however this is not always the case however, lower glycemic foods are best for diabetics and stable insulin response has been shown to help with fat loss however this is debatable.

So, let’s get to the point!! NET CARBS!

There are three types of carb–> effective carbs, non-impact carbs, net carbs


Effective carbs –> all of the carbs that have an effect on blood glucose levels (this is further broken down into simple and complex carbs) 

Non-impact carbs–> have no effect on blood glucose levels (neither high nor low). This INCLUDES FIBER! Fiber passes through the body undigested.

Net Carbs by defintion is non-impact carbs subtracted from effective carbs. Glycerol is a non-impact carb that was used as a sweetner in many products that did not have to be counted per the FDA as a carbohydrate source. That recently changed in the 1980’s. When glycerol was changed to a carbohydrate source, then manufacturers had to come up with ideas to sell their products because the carb count jumped so much. 

The term net carb was coined by manufacturers to get away with using glycerol as a sweetener in their products, classifying it as a non-impact carb so that it is made to look as if the carbohydrate number on the food group is lower.

However, these non-impact carbs have calories!! You are still intaking the calories from these net carbs. Normally, the people that even care about net carbs are going to be those that are on a low carb diet. If you are on such a low carb diet that your body is in ketosis, then the non-impact carbs will be processed as effective carbs anyway so then that defeats the purpose. The industry is able to label their foods “low carb” because there has not been restrictions placed on this yet even though the amount of carb in them may not actually be so low. 

In the end, I know that this is not that serious. I just think it’s important to be knowledgeable about what you are doing. If you are just simply trying to eat better and you see a food with a lower net carb then by all means, that’s a great choice. However, if you are counting macros then stick to the full carbs and you’ll have better results. 

With love and the love of carbs, 





Let’s let by gones be bygones

Today’s post is one that I’ve went back and forth on for quite some time, but I feel as if we all reach that point where we reach a crossroads and we decide which way we want to go. 

The way that I have decided to go is for this to be my last post on my past. Now let me explain why. 

photo (2)

I always felt that my past was what would fuel my purpose and my passion. The Lord has shown me otherwise. The Lord has led me in some amazing directions in the past year, and for that I am forever grateful. I have completely changed my life for the better in every aspect, however I feel like I am being tied down to a string that no one will let me live down. 

It’s as if an alcoholic walks into the bar and orders a drink. Literally, all eyes on him. That’s how I’m made to feel.


I do not count macros because I am restricting. I can almost GUARANTEE I eat more than most people reading this blog post on a daily basis. I do NOT count macros because I want to control my intake. I count macros because I want to better my future for me and my children. I want to increase my metabolism so high that I can remain healthy, vibrant, and active and not even think about it. I want to eat hot dogs with the kids at a ballgame. I want to have pizza and grilled cheese nights. Because of my past, my body didn’t allow me to do that without feeling absolutely miserable so it’s a slow process to come out of that.

This is such a touchy subject and one that someone will most likely comment and bash me because that’s what people love to do when they don’t know my life or anything to do with me, but I’ll tell you this. 

I am healed. 100%. So many people say it’s not possible but see the thing is, my God is bigger than your doubts. My God is bigger than your wordly views. I do not think about my body image ( literally EVER). I simply eat to train. I am passionate and I live to train.

I have been an athlete literally since I was 5 years old when I started playing soccer. I have played on high level competitive teams my entire life, I was a competitive cheerleader and I cheered in college. This led me into the adult life of wanting to continue being an AFL (athlete for life). I want to be a marathon runner, boston qualifier, triathlete, ironman athlete, sponsored runner, featured blogger, and a well known fitness professional. I do NOT want to be the girl that used to have an eating disorder. 

I simply feel I’ve reached my crossroads. I will ALWAYS be sympathetic. I will ALWAYS be the one that will understand your heart and soul and how deeply this issues can take root. I just simply feel it’s time that I moved to a new era, one that I leave this one behind. 

Thank you for following me over the years as I grow, mature, and develop. Thank you for simply letting me share my passions with you. I am forever grateful. 

With love and letting go,