Internet Bullying

I’m not sure if you are aware, but I think that someone needs to make everyone aware of something that has gotten completely out of hand….internet bullying.

I think that we all know that if someone is “social media famous” that if you see a picture that they post then there are at least a couple of comments of people who have negative things to say. I am most aware of this in fitness because of course, that is what I’m interested in but this pertains to everything. If this was about me, then I wouldn’t be writing this post. I’m writing this because it’s about my friends that have been messed with, and I’m fed up.

People get balls they have never had before when they are sitting behind the computer keys. And it needs to stop.

I was watching E news the other night speaking on social media fame and how if you want to be in it, then you MUST have a thick skin because it is inevitable, people are hateful.

And to be quite honest, I’m a little pissed off. Is that okay if I say that? Pissed. Off. So here’s my letter to all of you awful people.

Dear butthole,

Are you so disturbed with your own life that you have to delve into someone else’s? Do you not have confidence in yourself that you must tear others down because your jealousy is shining right through? Are you so self righteous that you think that you have never done anything that is not of perfection in your entire life?

Have you ever sped? Have you ever not worn your seat belt? Quit casting stones before you look at your own pitiful life.

If this post makes you uncomfortable, then that’s because you need to check yourself.

And not only did you stop at making negative comments on social media, you start a website with FORUMS to say awful awful things about other people.

Have you ever stopped for ONE FREAKING SECOND and thought that maybe that person would see it? Have you ever thought for one second on how that would make them feel? Just as I’m sitting behind this computer, so are all of those other “famous social media” people, and they read what you say. And to be vulnerable, it hurts them. It really hurts them.

Words go deeper than you think. Words can uplift and words can tear down. Have you ever considered that if you see flaws in someone, it’s because they are going through a really hard time? Have you ever considered they have demons that haunt them and all you are doing is bringing them to the forefront?

If you do realize all of these things, and you still think your behavior is okay, then you’re a bigger douche bag than I thought.

The next time you think about saying your hateful comments again, I just want you to remember these words:



Your biggest enemy

This is a tribute to all of the men and women who have fallen victim to this. You are amazing. You are worthy, and no words they ever speak about you define who you are. Never forget that. I’ll leave you with this:


With love and haters,



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