Mama Mia

If you know my mom, she goes by Mama Mia.

My brother just recently had a baby and so now she goes by Grandmama Mia. How cute right?

Anywho, the point of this blog is not just about her but about the world that she lives from my point of view. She has a blog called Mama Mia Cares which she simply uses as an outlet for hoping to share positives and negatives of being an around the clock care taker of her husband and my step dad (and also her mom but I won’t be gracing the surface of that).

If you know us, you know the back story but for those that don’t, Dick had a horrific wreck on a motorcycle 14 years ago. It was a year after they were married, and it forever changed things. I wanted to tell the story of that day from my perspective and the years that have followed, and the commitment to Christ, the dedication and unconditional love that my mom has shown for her husband in the face of pure adversity and the story of two love birds who know the definition of thick and thin. I’m sorry if I miss details. I was young and it blurs together…


This was at their wedding pre wreck

It’s so bizarre to think of the normal day to day that we lived having no idea of what was about to hit our lives that day…

He had to be at church so he was rushing out of the door. If you know him, you know he procrastinates until the last minute to get ready. I was in my room and remember thinking that I wanted to ride with him on the motorcycle to church. I hear him in the driveway and I run out to catch him to tell him I want to ride. He is already leaving and my mom tells me that he is in a really big rush or he would have come back to get me. Thank GOD he didn’t. I don’t think I would be writing this blog if so.

The wreck happened only minutes later. It was about a mile from our home. He was coming around the curve, and the car that was supposed to stop at the stop sign did not. Dick tried to stop in time, but everyone was going too fast, and he did not have enough time. They collided into one another and this catapulted him 50 feet I believe. (Let us pause and think about Dick Poston. He’s not a little man. That was some serious force to fly him that far). He was knocked unconscious. He remembers seeing cars pass and no one stopped. Then finally, someone stopped. He was able to tell this man to get in touch with my mom. I, of course, remember the next part vividly.

My mom is cooking in the kitchen with things on every burner. The phone rings. My mom picks up. She becomes so frantic. She says “I’m coming right now” and she starts crying and was frantic(Side Note: She wasn’t screaming or letting me in on too much. As usual, she was protecting me and didn’t want me to be scared). We leave immediately with food on the stove.

The next moments were such a blur. I remember parking on the side of the road and seeing his body lying on the ground. I start balling. Mom starts running. EMS had arrived. His elbow was dislocated so when they moved him, he screamed in pain. However, the worst part to see was his leg. It was completely mangled and his ankle was “crushed”. I remember it looks like there was literally no bones. His ankle looked like a towel that you are wringing wet, almost coiled. His back was broken but they did not catch this until 2 years later when it had already healed on it’s own because when they did X-rays, he was so bruised it was hard to see much of anything. I think sometimes our memories fade because they are so bad, but the memory stops there. I don’t remember him getting in the ambulance. I just remember I was on TV holding his shoes and I thought that was cool because he was on the news.

I don’t think my mom realized that 14 years later, she would be writing a blog about an extension off of the horror from that day. She dressed his wounds in weeks to follow. After he left the hospital, he actually had to have nursing care come into the home and a hospital bed that was put into our living room. But we thanked God because he was alive. He would never ride a motorcycle again. He was a professional bowler and he would never bowl again. He went to bike week every year at the beach and now it’s hard for him to even talk about it because he gets too emotional.

To top it all off, the BOY that hit him did not have insurance. He claimed that the brakes on his vehicle did not work. He was 17 years old, didn’t have a license, and didn’t have insurance of course. He skipped court multiple times and sueing him wasn’t an option because he had no money. There have been many times in frustration that Dick Poston has wanted to leave the house and find the man that did this to him, but of course Mama Mia always stopped that 🙂

Is it awful to say that I can’t remember my step dad without a limp or a cane? I can’t remember a time that he didn’t have back pain. I can’t remember a time that he didn’t have a mangled looking ankle that they pieced back together. The amount of medical issues that this has caused him since that day are astronomical and if you didn’t live it everyday, you wouldn’t believe it. He had a pulmonary embolism that moved from his legs and burst in his lungs which he was brought to the hospital within hours of most likely not making it. He also went hunting one time and had pneumonia and didn’t know it, so he passed out in the tree stand, falling he hit the tree on the way down and broke 10 of his ribs. All of these medical issues were an extension off this wreck…


Still yet, they stay positive. They go into a spinal cord stimulation trial 14 years later praying for hope that God grant them some peaceful days. My mom will text me sometimes and say “Is it okay if I just vent for a second? I’ve cried all day and just need someone.” Boy, does she break my heart with those texts. My heart feels for her so much. I want to take his pain away for HER. She’s become so accustomed to doing things always for everyone else that she then feels guilty if she does something for herself and always says she’s sorry. WHY ARE YOU SORRY WOMAN?

The most miraculous thing is their love. Like honestly, I 100% do not know how this has not beat them down. Nope. He tells her she is beautiful seriously every day. He loves her so much it’s disgusting. Like truly, it’s disgusting and sometimes I’m like “Dear lord, please hush”. She could look like a hot mess and he’s like “Ohhh I love the way you did your hair baby” hahaha!


Everyone said their puppy love would fade. Everyone joked that they would not be mushy forever. They still are. I can only dream that my love for Tanner is as unfailing and unconditional as theirs because the times that most women would have given up on their husbands, she didn’t and when all others would have lost the faith, she never has. She does occasionally kick him under the table though when he’s telling a story that he’s told 15 times already to which I do not blame her because sometimes I try to kick him myself 😉

We all have our issues and hardships. They almost make it seem as if they don’t though sometimes because they still live life with such joy. I guess that’s why I thought I would share what it truly looks like from the outside knowing all the insider details.

With love and family,



Internet Bullying

I’m not sure if you are aware, but I think that someone needs to make everyone aware of something that has gotten completely out of hand….internet bullying.

I think that we all know that if someone is “social media famous” that if you see a picture that they post then there are at least a couple of comments of people who have negative things to say. I am most aware of this in fitness because of course, that is what I’m interested in but this pertains to everything. If this was about me, then I wouldn’t be writing this post. I’m writing this because it’s about my friends that have been messed with, and I’m fed up.

People get balls they have never had before when they are sitting behind the computer keys. And it needs to stop.

I was watching E news the other night speaking on social media fame and how if you want to be in it, then you MUST have a thick skin because it is inevitable, people are hateful.

And to be quite honest, I’m a little pissed off. Is that okay if I say that? Pissed. Off. So here’s my letter to all of you awful people.

Dear butthole,

Are you so disturbed with your own life that you have to delve into someone else’s? Do you not have confidence in yourself that you must tear others down because your jealousy is shining right through? Are you so self righteous that you think that you have never done anything that is not of perfection in your entire life?

Have you ever sped? Have you ever not worn your seat belt? Quit casting stones before you look at your own pitiful life.

If this post makes you uncomfortable, then that’s because you need to check yourself.

And not only did you stop at making negative comments on social media, you start a website with FORUMS to say awful awful things about other people.

Have you ever stopped for ONE FREAKING SECOND and thought that maybe that person would see it? Have you ever thought for one second on how that would make them feel? Just as I’m sitting behind this computer, so are all of those other “famous social media” people, and they read what you say. And to be vulnerable, it hurts them. It really hurts them.

Words go deeper than you think. Words can uplift and words can tear down. Have you ever considered that if you see flaws in someone, it’s because they are going through a really hard time? Have you ever considered they have demons that haunt them and all you are doing is bringing them to the forefront?

If you do realize all of these things, and you still think your behavior is okay, then you’re a bigger douche bag than I thought.

The next time you think about saying your hateful comments again, I just want you to remember these words:



Your biggest enemy

This is a tribute to all of the men and women who have fallen victim to this. You are amazing. You are worthy, and no words they ever speak about you define who you are. Never forget that. I’ll leave you with this:


With love and haters,


How to Reverse Diet


Yesterday, I posted a picture to instagram of how I have reversed dieted up to almost 200g of carb, and I received a lot of questions so I wanted to do a post on “How to Reverse Diet” and how to get started on this.

photo (21) photo (22)

The left is in April after my show, and the right is yesterday after adding 800 calories. The only difference I can kinda see is a bigger dlet which hey! I’m A-okay with dat 😉 Especially since I’ve literally doubled my intake of carbohydrates.

First, what is reverse dieting?

Reverse dieting AKA metabolic adaptation AKA increasing your metabolic capacity –> slowly increasing your calories, carbs, and fats over time so that your body is able to maintain weight with more food. You do this through counting your macronutrients, which leads me to ….

1. You need to understand macronutrient counting. Reference here.

Macro counting is not one in the same as reverse dieting which is a common misconception. Many count macros and they are on a cut (caloric deficit to lose fat). When one decides to reverse diet, the goal is minimal, if any, fat gain. However, this is not a guarantee and everyone responds differently, which leads me to #2.

2. Realize the purpose and potential of reverse dieting.

The reason for reverse dieting is more for your future rather than your present, so it’s something that you set out knowing that you must be patient. You build your metabolic capacity to be able to maintain weight on A LOT more calories. As I referenced above, some gain 2lbs, some gain 5lbs, and some gain 10lbs depending on how long they reverse diet and how they do it. This is so individual so no coach is going to be able to tell you “You will not gain weight” or “You will gain 5 pounds exactly.” You are FOREVER changing your future though. This means that every other “diet” or “cut” or “fat loss” process that you set out on, you will be able to do this on a higher caloric intake because your body is maintaining weight with more calories. This is for your future, so don’t complain that you aren’t getting “shredded and fit” with reverse dieting. That’s not really the point.

3. Find your maintenance.

This can be tricky, and this is where I recommend that again, you get a coach and be patient. You need to figure out the macros that you are currently maintaining your weight so that you have a starting point to start your increase.

This will be different if you are coming off of a competition. You will want to start just slightly above those macros. I see some coaches start their clients at 50g extra carb directly after their shows. To be honest, I just can’t comprehend that. Your body is in a really vulnerable state. You shouldn’t have dieted so hard that you need to add that much food. You will most likely gain weight immediately if so. I would recommend increasing your carbs 10g extra after your show and 5g fat and then start increasing from there.

4. When is it an appropriate time to reverse diet?

Essentially, you can reverse diet at any point. Here are some times when I think it is most appropriate.

a) You have tried and tried to lose weight and it’s not coming off and you are already at a low caloric intake that you SHOULD be losing weight on. You could reverse diet then cut once your calories are higher.

b) You have metabolic damage from an eating disorder. You have dieted for years at less than 1000 calories and you feel that the road is hopeless but it is NOT! You can reverse out of it! I truly believe in this area that reverse dieting could change the world. I have watched it change so many lives from the inside, out.

c) You are just coming off of a competition. I think this is a time that it is CRUCIAL unless you want to go into a state of post show depression of gaining weight fast. Your body is not in the type of state to just jump right back into normal eating. The way that our cells work, your body is going to essentially be a vaccuum. You are going to hold onto everything. You MUST have a reverse plan coming off of a show!!! I REPEAT: GET A PLAN FOR POST SHOW!!!

d) You have lost weight and feel that you are at a place that you like the way that you look so you just wanna maintain that, but hey! Who doesn’t love to eat more? So, you reverse diet while maintaining that physique.

My personal recommendation is that people lean out first. Make sure that you are comfortable in your own skin, and start from there. Accept yourself and accept that you may gain a few pounds that will better your future, and start with a fresh mindset. Then, get excited because your life will change forever 🙂

5. Can I reverse diet if I need to lose weight?

I think there is honestly a HUGE misconception with this. You see pictures of girls that have before and afters of clean eating versus reverse dieting and they look better from reverse dieting. I would say 99% of the time, those girls dieted down to a really lean state and then started reverse dieting. It is rare that a person can just hop right into reverse dieting and lose weight. Many times when girls are clean eating only (and this is a generalization I know), they are also binge eating. This is like RAMPANT in the industry as sad as that is. Binge eating destroys metabolism, not clean eating. “Clean eating” just isn’t as fun as macros, but let’s be real, if done appropriately without binge eating, it works. There are some people that maybe have never lifted before that will start to lose inches simply from macronutrient counting and weight training but if you have been weight training and dieting and you still want to get leaner, then you are going to need to be in a caloric deficit. The lies all over instagram drive me crazy of people wanting to sell their programs. And that’s a fact, jack!

6. Do I have to have metabolic damage to reverse diet?

No. Absolutely not. I think this is another common misconception. My husband is reverse dieting and his metabolism is already sky high but again, who doesn’t want to eat more and maintain weight? It’s a no brainer! GIVE US ALL THE CARBS.

7. Okay, I get it. Now what do I do?

My personal preference is that you increase carbs by 5g per week and fats by 1g per week. The other recommendation that Layne states in his video logs is 10g of carb per week and 2g of fat per week. I know this is double what I stated. I go slowwwww. I have found that it keeps girls from freaking out from the excess water that they hold when they first start on new macros. I also, from personal experience, gained 10 pounds the first time that I tried to reverse diet by doing 10g of carb per week so I took it much slower this time and it worked.

So, this is what that would look like.

If you are currently eating 1500 calories (150g P, 130g C, 42g F) then you would do that for one week, then you would go to 150g P, 135g C, 43g F. Now you are asking, what in the world? That’s so silly and pointless. NO!! In 3 weeks, you have gone from 130g to 145g of carb! Over 6, 12, 16 weeks, it becomes substantial!

8. What if I’m gaining weight?

Slow down. Don’t feel that you have to increase every week. I don’t. There are some weeks when I may feel weird and I just maintain macros for that week. There should be no time limit on it. This is for your future. Just be patient.

9. Should I do refeeds or cheat meals?

There is no science behind a refeed. Quite frankly, there is no science behind reverse dieting. This is all observation. I don’t recommend a refeed. This would be an entirely different article, but my personal preference is that you just do the same macros every single day!!! Cheat meals are all a mental thing in my opinion. If you feel you need it, then go for it. I personally don’t have them. I always feel then that I don’t want to increase the next day, so I just keep it consistent and have a day where I just “guestimacro” and fit things like froyo and cheeseburgers in when I wouldn’t normally do that every day.

I would absolutely love to help you get started, so if you are interested in a plan that I can create personally for you, then you can find that here. Let me know if you have any questions, and you can comment below or follow me on instagram @katiesfitscript or follow this blog where I try to give as much information as possible.

photo (20)

Solid proof that it works, and I’m documenting every step so yall will believe it too!

Our Love Story

Be advised. There may be mushy readings ahead. However, if you are nosy and want to know the story of Tanner and I’s quick engagement then here is where the gold mine is!

The first day I ever saw him, I thought he was super hot. He was the president of Rho Chi in pharmacy school and spoke to our class on orientation about how we should work hard. Blah blah. hehe 😉 I remember thinking what a hot nerd he was, and I leaned to my friend and said “I’m gonna make him my husband” but of course that was all in good fun.

I think things turned out pretty well.

That day I friended him on facebook, but that was the end of that.

Months later, we both had a similar mutual friend who said that he thought we were made for each other. He insisted that we meet. He gave me Tanner’s number but what was I supposed to do with that? So, in true girly fashion, I debated for a week on whether or not I should text him to which I didn’t. However, he popped up to “ask me a question” on facebook that Wednesday and we joked around for like an hour.

Then, we all had this grand idea. There was another couple that was being semi set up that night, and we decided to have a dinner together. That couple is now married and just had their first child so that was quite a magical night! Of course, the girls tried to look all domestic and we made cookies and they made pasta, I think.

I do however remember that I had burnt my lip on a lean cuisine a few days prior and I looked as if I had herpes. So, I suggested to Brandy before we arrived to jokingly bring up my “herpes” so I could tell my story of how I burned myself so that the real truth was out. Girls gotta stick together, nom sayin?

We had dinner. We had laughs. Tanner and I kept doing that awkward “we made eye contact but look away because we are embarrassed thing” and then he says “I see you have a blackberry. How ironic? I do too. I should get your BBM.” Let us recall this was in front of everyone so it was like “HELLO, I’M ASKING FOR HER NUMBER!!” I was, to be honest, embarrassed. I don’t think I spoke another word to him the entire night because I was just a scared wheenie.

He texted me after we left.

Girls, you know about those texts. Your heart flips. You’re like doing a little jig while tryin to keep it cool.

It read “I didn’t get to talk to you as much as I wanted to tonight. Would you mind if I stopped by your house?”


So, I agreed. He came over. We talked for literally 5 hours until 1am and then I made him leave.

The next day he came over again. It was awkward. We had nothing to talk about. So, he left after 20 minutes.

He texted me later asking if something was wrong, and I said no. It’s all a blur but from what I remember, we decided to meet up and talk again. This time, we couldn’t stop talking again. After three days of non stop talking (we still talk way too much), he came to my house and I opened the door and he breathes deep and says something along the lines of “I know this may sound crazy, but I think you are the person I’m meant to be with forever. Are you okay with that?” To be honest, in these moments, I was kinda like “uhhh, ehhhh, I’ve been hurt before, I don’t know, I like you, but am I that serious, but you’re serious….” These are all thoughts in my head of course.

AND HERE BEGAN THE GAMES. Y’all know the games? I see him in school. He looks at me. Did he mean to look at me? Will he text me again? He walks with me to get coffee. Does that mean he likes me? Or was he just walking? Or maybe he just wanted coffee? I don’t know. I don’t have time to waste time. He told me he was serious, and now I’m not sure if he is.

When we laugh about these times, he says that all he could think about was me. Ummmm, he was not very clear. So, lesson to the ladies, guys just suck at this kind of thing.

This only lasted for a month then he was texting me constantly. We look back, and were a bit obnoxious and in puppy love so we were a bit immature with the texting. I mean it was NON STOP. That went on for a while so I’ll spare you the details.

On Christmas eve, he came to visit me and that night he asked me to be his girlfriend. Then, he left Christmas morning to go back to Bristol. Even though, it was a really bad snow storm, after he visited with his family Christmas day, he came BACK to Shelby. What can I say? I rope the fellas in. Kidding, we were head over heels.

167750_1572060226975_5222675_n first picture

This was at Apothecary Ball in January, shortly after we started dating.

Fast forward 4 months of puppy love, we had this serious conversation about our future. When you are that serious, that fast, I think everyone has to be on the same page. So, we talked about if we thought that marriage was an option for us. We both agreed it was the only option. I told him if we were going to do it, then we were going all in. Typical me. What I meant by that was that we had talked about getting married before my third year of pharmacy school (I was currently in my first) and I told him I wanted a normal engagement time for showers and all of that and I wanted time to plan. I had always dreamed of that time and I didn’t want to rush that…..which led us to ….. the proposal had to happen sooner rather than later.


Dating picture! Sometimes, we joke that we have to date now because we didn’t get enough time then. I’ll keep dating him forever so that’s cool.

I know it all sounds bizarre and ridiculous and maybe it was and we even knew that people would think that we were crazy but we knew that once we hit three and four years together, people would start believing us. This year will be four years. I honestly love him WAY more now if that’s possible. It’s a more mature love. It’s a love I would never question and a love of picturing him as the father of my children and the grandfather of my grandchildren and the man I build my house, my hopes and my dreams with.

man crush monday

So, how did he propose. Ironically, and probably not surprisingly, it was in New York City. I came here for an internship the summer after my first year in pharmacy school. I actually planned this before I met Tanner or I probably wouldn’t have gone which is immature to say the least, but we had puppy love at it’s finest. Nevertheless, we spent a month apart. I had a feeling the proposal would happen when he came to visit me halfway through the month. When we were boarding the plane to come, Brandy said “Katie, I’m just being real with you. He talked with me and just thinks it’s too fast. He thinks people will just think he’s crazy so I know you think it will be this trip but it’s not going to be so I don’t want you to get your hopes up.”

I am SO glad for a best friend who will lie to me. It made me question things, but that was good for me. I needed the surprise.

Two weeks into my trip, Tanner comes to visit me. It is of note that I lived in a place that didn’t even allow men to grace the doors so Tanner just came busting in, and got scolded. There is an entire back story with Tanner but of course, I didn’t know all of this at the time. All I knew is that he had caught an earlier flight and was there in time for dinner.

So, we set out for dinner. We decided we would just walk until we found a place we wanted to eat. Tip: Never do that in NYC. You never end up anywhere. You end up frustrated, and not eating what you want to eat. We ended up at American Burger. Tanner was hangry to say the least.

I knewwwwwwwww without a doubt that if the proposal would happen on this trip, it would be after a nice dinner. Boy was I wrong? Again, this was good for me so that it was a surprise.

We venture over to Times Square and meet Brandy. I worked in Times Square so it was cool to show Tanner where I work and introduce him to some people. We then went to take pictures. Brandy looks at the camera after we take a picture and says “Tanner, your eyes were closed. That’s not a good picture. Do it again.”


This was that. hahaha!

This was when Brandy turned on video, and Tanner grabbed both my hands. I remember almost fighting his hands like “What are you doing? Face the camera” when I realized what was happening. He, of course, said lots of mushy things and then got down on one knee!


And my reaction….

I said yes of course.

engagement 5 engagement

It was happy happy moments. The video is cute because halfway through his proposal this man walks over, takes a picture, and then walks away. I’m sure he was a tourist documenting a proposal in Time Square, but I wanted to ask him to email that picture. Ha! I did not unfortunately.

The back story was that Tanner was at rotation when they called him and told him his flight had been delayed until midnight and he wasn’t going to get there until the early morning hours of the next day. He had plans of proposing of course, so he freaked. He asked if there was an earlier flight and they had one that left in like 2 hours. So, he left rotation without asking, where he awkwardly met his preceptor at the door and said he had to leave. Thank goodness, she was understanding (the things we do for love). He had left the ring at home. He was in Durham and had to drive 30 minutes to Raleigh to get the ring and 20 minutes to the airport. I’d say he was a basket case.

From that moment forward though, we had a blast. I loved every minute of being engaged and wouldn’t trade that time for the world.

engagement2 engagement3 engagement4

We had a year and one month of blissful engagement, until the day we said I do. The two years of marriage that we have seen only seem to get better with time. I’m super excited to see what our future brings with careers, children, settling down, and building a home together. I pray to be a better wife daily and many times I fail, but I will wake up every morning to love him better through the love that Christ has for both of us. Keeping our marriage on the foundations of Christ makes all the difference.

If you’re still with me then you get a cookie. Forreal, go have a cookie. That was long but I hope you enjoyed it!

With love and fairy tales can happen,


thepassionatelife marraige2 marriage

Protein powders: The whey to tell a difference.

So, today is a very special post. My sweet husband, Tanner is writing on whey protein. I asked him to do this a week ago and today I told him he is never allowed to write for me again. TOTALLY KIDDING! However, he has really poured time and effort into this and gave y’all some really quality information. He has a Doctor in Pharmacy and not to brag, but he’s kinda like really very smart.

So when Katie asked me to write a guest blog, I thought “man, I suck at writing. How am I supposed to follow up miss blog-tastic over here?”  Nevertheless I am here today to hopefully to give you some useful information you didn’t already know about the massive consumer market of whey protein supplements. First off, there are many different types of protein that comes in powder form including whey, casein, egg, soy, rice, pea, and hemp protein just to name a few.  For sake of time, your tolerance of my blabbering, and my attention span, today we are going to focus specifically on whey protein.


Insert cliché opening paragraph question here: What is whey protein?  Whey is nothing more than a by-product of cheese(delicious, I know) production. When milk is heated and acidified, it coagulates or “curdles”, after which the curds(later becomes cheese) float to the top. The remaining liquid is milk serum or whey liquid.  This raw liquid form is then either dehydrated into a concentrated powder form, or can be filtered by various processes to isolate a more pure form of the whey protein. Thus we are left with the two most common forms that are found in most powders, whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.  Another form is called whey hydrolysate that is slightly pre-metabolized to promote better digestion. Bonus tidbit, the more processing (yes, whey is “processed”) that is done to the whey liquid, the more you have to process some cash out of your wallet. The bottom line is, you pay for purity.

Naturally you’re probably wondering what makes up the “protein” part of whey protein. I thought you’d never ask. Whey comes from cow’s milk, which contains about 20% whey protein and 80% casein. The portion of whey then contains approximately 10-20% of protein in the form of the globular proteins beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, bovine serum albumin, and immunoglobulins1. Before I get called out by Katie for being a nerd on her blog, let’s look at some benefits provided by whey protein. The first one that comes to mind and of most relevance to many of you, is increased muscle protein synthesis (aka “gains”).  More importantly the right kind of gains, a recent meta-analysis grouped the results of 14 studies together comparing whey protein combined with resistance exercise.  The average result over all the studies was a decrease in body weight of 9.2 pounds, and an increase in lean body mass of 4.9 pounds 2.  Many studies have established statistically significant increases in lean body mass as a result of whey protein consumption when combined with resistance exercise.  Results like these aren’t surprising since whey protein is one of the most researched supplements on the planet.  Now I know what you’re thinking, everybody knows that.  Well here are some benefits of whey protein that you may not have known, and some are pretty remarkable.  An area of recent interest has been the anti-cancer/anti-tumor effect of whey protein supplementation seen in many case reports. Studies are being conducted on how whey protein provides certain building blocks to replenish a cell antioxidant pathway that is often depleted in cancer cells3.  Studies are also suggesting whey has immune system boosting activity, which is thought to be an effect produced by the globular proteins mentioned before.  The mechanism behind this is still being researched and is not fully understood. There are other positive effects being discovered that I haven’t mentioned here, but the bottom line is whey does more for the body than promoting muscle growth.

There’s one small issue, most of the extra effects I mentioned before are benefits provided by whey protein concentrate (WPC), and many of these effects aren’t seen in whey protein isolate (WPI) or hydrolysate (WPH). This may partly be bias from the larger amount of research having been conducted on WPC since it has been around longer.   The more finite reason these effects are inherent to WPC is because WPI and WPH simply don’t have the same molecules as WPC.  Many of the globular proteins mentioned above are either filtered out (WPI) or partially metabolized/ inactivated (WPH) in the other forms of whey.  If you haven’t come to the conclusion already, not all whey is created equal.  While WPC has many other benefits than aiding in muscle synthesis, its actual protein content can vary from approximately 30-80%4.  This is,  in contrast to WPI, which is usually greater than 90% protein.  Some companies also produce whey protein blends, containing differing percentages of WPC, WPI, and WPH.  This taps into a larger topic of protein bioavailability, or how much of the ingested protein is available for the body to utilize.  Without venturing far off topic, studies are being done comparing the different forms of whey protein and the impact of protein bioavailability on levels of protein synthesis.


This brief run through the forms of whey and their effects probably has you asking, “what does this mean for me?”   Well if you are going to choose a whey protein product, it’s probably best to prioritize what factors make up a “good shake” in your opinion.  The biggest one most people consider is price, let’s face it people supplements aren’t cheap.  If you take into account we’ve talked about though,  there could be more bang for your buck in the protein category with a whey isolate product.  This goes back to the pay-for-purity concept.  While this might be true, the next factor to consider is the quality of the product, hence what company is making the product?  The big names in the supplement industry didn’t just get to the top by clever marketing (or did they?), people have likely tried their product and seen positive results.   Many large companies such as Optimum Nutrition, Universal Nutrition, Cellucor, Muscle Pharm, etc have put effort into assuring the quality of their products, and by doing so gained trust from the public.  So the next time you’re on Ebay and see a steal of a deal on Floyd Flexatron’s  super whey 5000, with a guarantee of 10lbs of muscle in 30 days, step back for a moment and consider the source.  The next factor would be mixability and taste, and this can be a real kicker for some.  My wife asks me if I have any taste buds at all, as I often blend an obscene mixture of things in the blender with a great macro profile and guzzle it down without a second thought.  This isn’t the case for a lot of people, and if you don’t mind the subtle differences between whey formulations, then by all means go for the super deluxe strawberry cheesecake delight flavor (FYI: Dymatize blueberry muffin = amazing).

Last but not least, how can I post on Katie’s blog without talking about the macros! Most protein powders run in the same calorie range per serving, usually about 110-140 calories per scoop. The macros balance however can be fairly different between products.  Be mindful of whey concentrate which often has slightly higher levels of carbs, fats, and sometimes cholesterol.  Due to the manufacturing process of whey isolate, most products are usually very low in carb and fat.  When choosing your product, always consider how many servings you will be consuming regularly, and see how that fits into your daily macro requirements. I hope this overview of whey protein  leaves you feeling better equipped to select a protein supplement that best fits your needs and of course, your macros!

With love and whey,


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4 Ingredient Pizza Burrito

Ever have a to-do list that doesn’t get done at all because you are having such technical difficulties. That is my life right now. I am wanting so badly to put some things on my new blog, but it is being very testy with me. I had to step back, go work out, and come back to it so that I didn’t throw my computer across the room. HA!

However, I was able to put together this tasty little treat and it’s so easy so I just had to share so in all it’s glory, I give you …

The Pizza Burrito


I just have to share that I’ve been working on my photography skills, and this is a “food” setting. It basically makes food colors really vibrant, and I’m not sure that’s my jig. Nevertheless, here’s the simple ingredients:

  • 1 low carb wrap (Trader Joes Brand)
  • 2 oz 99% lean ground turkey (if you refer to my meal prep then I always have this on hand already cooked)
  • 1 laughing cow garlic and herb cheese wedge
  • Hunts pizza sauce (2 tablespoons)

How to:

  • Put a piece of aluminum foil on a cookie sheet and lay down wrap
  • Make pizza
  • Bake on 350 for 10 minutes (the crust will get crispy and yummy)
  • Roll into burrito

I mean really, it’s that easy. I always cut the laughing cow cheese into little slices onto the pizza. Yes, I use a tablespoon to put my sauce down. I count macros. So, yes that’s what I do.


Macros: 20 P // 13g C // 5g F

With love and pizza,



Muscle Weighs More than Fat Debate

I think we all have heard someone tell us that when we aren’t losing weight that we are just gaining muscle.

While, I would like to be uber encouraging and say that’s the truth, it is somewhat of a myth. Let me explain.

Truth: Muscle is more dense than fat.

Myth: Muscle weighs more than fat.

If you put five pounds of muscle on a scale and you put five pounds of fat on a scale then they are going to both weigh….umm…. five pounds. If you looked at both of them on the scale though, the muscle would take a smaller physical space. If the space that your body occupies (your weight) is made up of more muscle, then you are going to burn through calories easier (hence why you should lift weights). This is why you see overweight people eat less than smaller muscular people simply because they have more muscle.

Truth: You can be the same body fat percentage with more muscle and you are going to be a bigger person (duh).

Myth: When you start the weight loss process and you aren’t seeing the scale move, it’s probably muscle growth.

Muscle development takes time. If you aren’t seeing results in the scale in the first few weeks of weight loss, then that is not muscle growth. It just simply does not happen that fast. You can lose a pound of fat MUCH quicker than you can gain a pound of muscle. Some sources say that you can only gain one pound of muscle effectively per MONTH while we know that we lose a pound or more of fat per week. This gets into the big debacle of a bulk but even my husband cracks me up telling he gained 7lbs one week as if he is excited. BOY, USE YOUR BRAIN. You did not gain 7lbs of muscle! haha! You ate too many waffles 😉


Back to the original point, fat loss. What you are experiencing when the scale does not move is a lack of fat loss not a gain of muscle weight. Most likely if you aren’t trying to lose weight then you have reduced your caloric intake making it even harder to gain muscle.

I’m not wanting to switch the focus to the scale. This is quite the opposite but I want you to know that if you are looking for fat loss and aren’t getting this then you have not created a low enough caloric deficit for your body. HOWEVER, you don’t want to go too low. This will cause something called “adaptive thermogenesis” but it’s going to take a lot to take your body to this point in which your body has been starved for so long that it accepts this as the amount that it takes to run your body. You want to create the optimal environment: lose weight on the highest amount of calories that your body can handle.

How can you do this?


2. Create a bigger caloric deficit.

3. Spend valuable time with a coach building your metabolism. Don’t expect to go into metabolism building to lose weight. Go into it expecting to change your entire future. You might even gain sometimes, but the most important thing to remember is that it will be WORTH THE TIME SPENT. This way in the future you won’t have to create such a steep caloric deficit to get that fat loss because of the adaptive thermogenesis that you created for your body by starving it too much.

With love and muscle density,


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