Grilled chicken salad (made at home)

2 oz baked chicken breast

2 cups lettuce

1/3 cup cucumber

2 tablespoons pico de gallo (Trader Joes Brand)

1 tablespoon low fat feta

Dressing — Rice vinegar and mustard

8g carb, 2 fat, 18g protein


Grilled cheese with egg


3 egg whites

1 slice fat free cheese (Borden brand)

2 slice of bread ( I use Saralee 45 cal and delicious)

Spray butter


Cook 3 egg whites

Spray butter on each side of bread

Place 1 piece of bread on butter side on skillet ( I do this like right as my eggs are finishing up so they can stay in the skillet)

Place piece of cheese on bread so it starts melting

Place finished eggs on top of the cheese

Place other piece of bread with spray butter down on the other side of skillet

Make into grilled cheese




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