The Passionate Life

I’d say that this has been quite an exciting week for my family. My family is super close, and we have just added another member to the family. He is a bright blue eyed baby boy with red hair! He is already the size of a toddler ( kidding but really, he’s 10lb 5.5oz) and he looks like his daddy but his mommy’s lips and nose! They are the sweetest parents and the love between them is so amazing. My brother keeps giving her kisses on the forehead! Birth is such a beautiful experience to see from this point of view and naturally, gives me terrible baby fever. My poor husband! 😉 Her water broke yesterday at about 5pm after we had all just made plans to go to Ruby Tuesday’s together. We cancelled dinner plans of course and moved that party to the hospital waiting room where of course we had tons of shenanigans and fun. She ended up having him officially at 1:06am! I went to the nurses station to see how things were going at 1:05 and I heard a cry so WWYD (What would you do?). Ummmm, listen intently at the door right? Well yes, guilty as charged. I heard everything. And it was awesome. I can’t express the love that I have for this child.  It’s like I wanna give him the world. I keep day dreaming about all the fun things I’m going to do with him as he grows up! ❤

DSC_0283 photo (12)


It’s been so refreshing to be at home and in the south again. People are just different here. Alcoholic drinks are never talked about and good lord that’s refreshing!! Family is everything. People know your name when you go into Walmart. Life feels so slow even though when I used to be here, it didn’t feel that way. It just does because NYC is just so fast paced all the time that it’s exhausting. I can do my laundry any time and re fluff my clothes in the dryer without paying another $3! The grocery store prices in NC feel like I’m robbing them it’s so cheap!

Tanner comes into town tomorrow, and it’s my 25th birthday! It’s hard to believe I’m 25 and all that I’ve done in the past year including graduating from pharmacy school being the highlight! I can’t wait to see what all year 25 brings!



I’m so grateful for another year to live for the Lord in all that I do ( or at least try my hardest), a fresh new year to love on Jackson so much and a year to learn more about myself and how to better myself for my husband and my family. I have so many plans for the next year and I cannot wait to watch things unfold. I love the way that life unfolds if we just give the keys to God and just pray and ask for his will and direction. I’m not really the best at it because I like to plan every second of my days, however it’s an amazing feeling.

With love and the miracle of life and birthdays,




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