Journey to the Big City

I know all of y’all wanna know how we got to this place, right? How did two country kids from Tennessee and North Carolina end up in the big city?

Sometimes, we ask ourselves the same question 😉

In the fall of my first year of pharmacy school, I was going through some changes and decided that I was going to do my summer internship in NYC. I told my family and they were like “ha, yea, we will believe it when we see it.”

Well, they saw it. I came with 3 other girls and Brandy and I set up connections with our workplace that would set us up for the connection to get back to the city.



In January of 2014, Tanner and I had to make the decision on whether we were going to move. We thought that we had decided we weren’t going to but then I had this simple thought of “I’m going to regret this for the rest of my life if we don’t do this” and that was pretty much all she wrote. We decided we would apply in Charlotte and Manhattan and see where the Lord took us.

I called the supervisor in Manhattan to let him know that I was in fact interested in a position, and Tanner started applying for jobs. This is where the Lord stepped in. Immediately, I got an email offering me a phone interview. I did the phone interview and immediately was offered a position as a pharmacist upon graduation. We then had to make some decisions. Tanner started asking anyone he knew if they had connections (pharmacy is a small world and connections are often needed). He ended up getting an interview in February for Memorial Sloan Kettering (which I have to brag is the #1 hospital in the nation for cancer–they have now massed MD Anderson).

Side Note: I was in Belize during the month of February so he had to fly to NYC while I was in Belize, and called me there to let me know that he thought he had the position.

There was a slight problem. They needed him immediately.

We were full speed ahead while also kinda freaking out that we were in fact moving to New York, and QUICK.

I got an email. Her name was Jena. She is now one of my best friends!



The email read that she was a follower of mine on my instagram (I swear this was all outlined by God). She wanted to invite me to her church because she saw that we were moving to New York City and knew it was hard at first to get plugged in.

I decided to ask her if we could stay at her place to see a real NYC apartment when we flew home from Belize (we had an overnight layover) and she agreed. How crazy is social media? Don’t judge. The night that we stayed with her (Brandy and I), she told us that one of her roommates was moving out and they were looking for another. The possibility of Brandy living with her came to fruition. She also convinced us that Battery Park is in fact the best place in Manhattan to live.

We planned two trips to Manhattan. One weekend to find an apartment, and one week later to move into our apartment. This was all within 2 weeks of being home from a month in Belize. They wanted Tanner to begin work the beginning of April. WOW. Happened. So. Fast.

apartment hunt

So, listen to this craziness. We weren’t going to get a broker but decided we didn’t know anything and had to get one. We met up with her and walked around the city for the entire day where she led us to all these apartments that were extremely out of our price range because she wanted to make a sale. She then proceeded to lead us to Jena’s apartment complex and we said “No, no, our friend lives here. We don’t want to be shown this apartment.” When they show you, you pay them. We didn’t think that was fair considering we could see it for ourselves, for free!

We talked to the leasing office to see what we could do and they actually had a DIFFERENT apartment available that we hadn’t been shown. We went and saw it, and then we took it.

If this sounds insane, it’s because it was. In New York, you don’t really have options to wait. You either take it or it gets gone. If you like it, you take it. So, we did. And every month we sell our souls to the apartment renting gods. HA!

first apartment view

The next weekend was move in. The move in happened so fast that I had socks in boxes with pots and pans and shoes in boxes with our DVD’s. It was just SHOVE INTO BOXES. GO! GO!

We slept very few hours and then got up early (5am) to drive the UHaul to the big city. My mom is an absolute doll and offered to drive behind us in her SUV. It was the most amazing and exciting day and the set up that our apartment had for us to move in made the move in so incredibly easy.

Here’s the last kicker: I had to leave on Sunday and spend the next 6 weeks in North Carolina before I graduated from pharmacy school. The first 2 weeks, I spent in an empty apartment in Raleigh where I steamed brocolli in paper plates because I was prepping for a competition, and the next 4 weeks on a friends couch. This ended up being a huge blessing because I ended up making a friendship with a girl I absolutely adore and it was at the same time that I was coaching her to her first bikini competition.



To this day, I can’t believe that this all happened the way that it did, but everything just seemed to go off without a hitch step by step. It all happened so so fast, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. There are days where I literally question why we are here at all, and then I remember that I’m literally living out my dreams each and every day.

With love and big cities,



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