Warm Up: 5 minutes on treadmill and shoulder press super light weights

Shoulder Supersets (4 sets) 8 exercises 15 reps each

  • Upright row with shoulder press (PR: 30lb press)
  • Arnold Press with Lateral Raise
  • Cable Pulls with Single Arm Front Raise
  • Rear Delt Machine (15 reps with 10 pulses) with hammer front arm raise

HIIT: Cling and press for 5, 5 pushups (back and forth for 5 minutes)

Back (4 sets)

  • Underhanded bent over row with single arm row
  • Wide grip lat pulldown and assisted pullups
  • Seated row with lying back flyes on bench
  • Weight hyperextension with 8 deadlifts

HIIT: 20 kettlebells swings with 5 pushups and 5 pullups (fast as possible for 5 minutes)


4 thoughts on “Workouts

  1. Hi, I was looking at your blog and I absolutely love your recipes! I am eating around 1500-1600 calories a day with my workouts right now and am trying to be lean and toned, but am thinking I may not be working out enough or maybe am not incorporating the right training. What does a week of your workout schedule look like? Thank so much!

    • 6 days per week with lifting and cardio HIIT workouts outlined exactly. Normally though, it is a combination of macronutrient counting and workouts (so if you are only counting calories I would suggest one of my meal plan and trainig programs combined). Getting “lean” is more diet related normally.

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