These are all great examples of Power routines that I rotate through on a weekly basis ❤

  • 100 high knees, 20 box jumps, oblique crunches to each side (20 each side), 100 mountain climbers, 25 burpees, 5 min sprint/run/walk on treadmill, 15 fast dips on bench (feet up, working triceps), 10 pushups

Repeat 3x

  • 50 reps of each of the following:

Jump squats                            High Knees

Box jumps                                Hanging Leg Raises

Walking lunges                        Jumping Jacks


25 of each of the following: Repeat 2 times

Burpees                                   Pushups                                  Sumo Squat light weight

Oblique crunches                     Assisted Pullups                       Jumping Rope

  • Ab Circuit: 5 min on 15+ incline on treadmill at max walking pace (lifts the legs and helps build the ab muscle), 4×25 Weighted Russian twists, 4×12 Ab Wheel (center, left side, right side),  4×12 Weighted Ab Pulldowns (Center, Left, Right)
  • 50 mountain climbers25 kettle bell swings30 Russian twists15 Burpees

    100 Jump Rope

    25 Jump Squat

    20 Box Jumps

    2 min jog on treadmill + 2 min sprint



Repeat 4 times through and go as fast as possible with no rest:

12 pushups

15 shoulder press

12 jump squats (bodyweight)

100 mountain climbers

15 situps (holding 20lb barbell) and raise above head on the rise (shoulders/ab routine)

40 Russian twists (holding 35lb weight)

100 Touch on bench with each foot (similar to high knees but just touching the bench)

Barbell bicep curl (I use 40lb weight)

Tricep dips on bench

10 pullups

20 rear delt flyes




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