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tieing shoe

If it fits your macros

Oh, what a topic of debate this can be. So many coaches want to know the “science” behind why “If it fits your macros” works. If you are not familiar, “If it fits your macros” is a concept that no matter what you eat, whether it be processed, crap foods or whole, nutritious foods in the same macronutrient distribution, your body composition is not going to change.

I believe this, and here’s why.

We all have our designations of bad foods versus good foods. What makes them that way? I think that many of us would agree that food in its most natural form is going to be the best for you, to which I agree. Most of the time a food is considered “healthy” or “good for you” when it contains great vitamins and minerals. However, there are many foods that are considered to be healthy when quite simply, they aren’t. Let me give you some examples:

One superfood is grapefruit. it is a source of high vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants (does anyone even really know what that is or does it just sound fancy and healthy?), fiber, potassium and has many other health benefits. It has a low glycemic index, and so this is a fruit that many bodybuilders will eat.

Then, there’s things like 100 calorie packs. People will say they are trying to get healthy and will eat these. No, you are trying to lose weight. I actually believe there is a huge gap. Losing weight and becoming healthy are hardly synonymous in society these days.

I believe in a balance of the two. I believe that yes, eating whole nutritious foods is vital to your health. I also believe that it’s hardly even possible to get the benefits of many foods because of the soil that it is grown on, the cooking that we do to it, and the hormones and preservatives that are ingested into it (which includes foods you would deem healthy unless bought organic). I believe that no one really wants to eat 100% organic foods all the time, and that you will be much more successful on a weight loss journey if you have a little more fun. So, let’s get the topic at hand.

GLYCEMIC INDEX. Essentially, if we can look past the chemicals, hormones, and all of that, the difference between a processed carb and a complex nutritious carb is the glycemic index.

What’s that? It’s a test that is performed on every food to see the extent to which it causes changes in blood glucose. Oatmeal has a low glycemic index with brownies having a high glycemic index with strawberries, blueberries, apples are in the middle. This just means that your blood sugar level (and insulin) with oatmeal will remain pretty low and consistent where as your blood sugar (and insulin) will spike when you eat a brownie.


Your body loves homeostasis in EVERYTHING so eating a brownie is not as “good for you” because of this. This means stress levels too. Your body just likes to remain level in all things cells start dying, changing, and mutating and over time, causing damage and disease.

HOWEVER, again, I will repeat, that body composition and weight loss are not synonymous with becoming “healthy”. I’m not claiming to take anyone’s work and I’m just stating what I’ve learned through studies, however I’m not going to reference them in MLA format because this is a blog and I am not in school and don’t have time for that. Sorryyyyy.

Does glycemic index have an effect on weight loss? The studies that I have read have found inconclusive results. This has been a topic of debate for quite some time, that foods with high glycemic index (brownies) affect fat oxidation and slow weight loss but when these patients are compared head to head, that’s not holding up. Each group is losing the same amount of weight if controlled on the same protein, carb, and fat breakdown. The other side of the coin is that if you are spiking your insulin with high glycemic index foods then insulin will promote insulin like growth factor which will help you get those gains. I feel that’s a little far fetched but it is an argument. The high glycemic foods can lead to a spike and then a crash leaving clients less satisfied, more hungry for more food but if the patients ACTUALLY consume the same amount of food, then the weight loss is the same.

There have been countless studies on this matter. They will place subjects on high protein, low glycemic index carb diets and high protein, high glycemic index carb diets and compare them. It always ends up with controversy and no conclusive results as to which promotes more weight loss. The dietary guidelines are in no way the perfect road to success, however they state that “There is strong evidence to support that glycemic index is of no relation to weight loss…”

So, I guess the question for you is

a) Do you want to get healthy?

b) Do you want to lose weight?

c) Do you want to lose weight, get healthy and have a balance of the two?

I think that with macro counting, you can get a balance of the whole nutritious foods to get homeostasis in your body but I also feel that the mental capacity of being able to eat other things makes a world of difference. If nothing else, if no science research performed, I have experienced it first hand time and time again. If you restrict to only low glycemic index foods, I feel this leads to greater harm by the sheer mental capacity of being able to stick to that all the time. In these studies, the mental state of each individual is not assessed of course and we all know that eating and dieting has a strong mental component.

I know that some will read this and say that I didn’t prove anything, and I guess I really didn’t but I could seriously defend this with research all day and some are still going to believe otherwise. I will also state again, I am STRICTLY talking about body composition and weight loss. This is not touching on disease states (such as type 2 diabetes and the importance of low glycemic index carbs) or disease states that may be caused from ingesting chemicals, hormones, etc, etc.

So, here is my recommendation as always: BALANCE. A little of this. A little of that. Don’t be so restrictive. Don’t be so uptight. Enjoy life a little. The difference eating ONLY clean foods in your weight loss journey is not going to be substantial enough to make a difference.

With love and macro counting,


Competing as a Christian

The topic today is actually going to be interesting. I feel it can be very controversial. I, in no way, think that I’m some great mighty Christian that has the answers. I’m simply a Christian wife that is sharing my experiences and beliefs.

before prejudging

First and foremost, you gotta check your intentions at the door. If you are going into this wanting to shake your booty on stage and get some attention on instagram, then yes your heart is in the wrong place. Another thing that I forgot along the way and that I think is worth mentioning is anything that you put before your time with God or make into an idol means that your heart is not in the right place. Obviously, this is something that I definitely struggled with. I went into my shows originally wanting to give it my all but giving it my all ended up turning off friends and family to this day to the idea of competing (but that’s an entirely different topic).

Second, I think that everyone is different. I think that some are going to view competing as wrong just like some are going to think that tattoos are wrong in the church setting or drinking alcohol is not okay. We all have our sins so let’s not cast stones before we check ourselves too 😉

Third, I think that it’s a world that people aren’t familiar with and so they view it negatively when the idea of bodybuilding is not meant to be sexualized. They are missing the mark, and even MANY MANY girls that do competitions are missing the mark. This is a FITNESS AND BODYBUILDING competition. Bikini is based on many more things than just your body composition however at the end of the day, this is not meant to be sexual. This is meant to be a judge of muscular development.

I also think that we are taking it out of context because of the world of instagram. If someone is scrolling through their feed and they are in line at the grocery store, it’s almost embarrassing when girls post pictures of their glutes especially but even ab selfies can be like “oh my gosh, let me hide my phone so people don’t think I’m looking at soft porn” and I get that. The world of competing itself though is just like when someone goes to the beach. If you walked into a grocery store wearing a string bikini, then people would stare. If you walked onto the beach in a string bikini, no one would bat an eye. If you walk into a swimming pool in the middle of summer in a huge coat, people will stare. If you walk into New York City in the winter time with a huge coat, no one cares. It’s the same with competing. All the guys are wearing speedos. Everyone is wearing bikinis. Everyone is showing their muscular development and it’s not weird. It’s not sexually portraying your body on a stage (or not meant to be) because everyone else is doing it.

So, as a Christian wife, how does my husband view this? He is super supportive. He understands my goals and he is in line with all of the thoughts that I just mentioned. He watched bodybuilding and Mr. Olympia way before I got into lifting and so he knows about this world and that is SO nice to have someone who ACTUALLY. GETS. ME. When we talk about me and bodybuilding, it’s always something to the effect of where I can build my quads or how I can make my delts cap more. The conversations are far from sexual.


Again, I do not want to step on any toes and I know that everyone is going to view this differently however I believe that if your intentions are pure, your heart is right, and you aren’t trying to get on a stage just to be hot and sexy in a bikini then I think it’s okay to want to pursue goals, athletic, aesthetic, muscular development goals. But then again, I have a tattoo that says “Walk by Faith” and I drink alcohol on the weekends occasionally with my friends and I’m a libertarian 😉

Lastly, the last time that I stepped on stage, I did feel a pull of God saying “your time is done here.” I felt that I wasn’t glorifying God in the way that I was competing. I felt that I was taking time too much out of life, and away from family and friends and that was never my intention. I felt that I scored worse then girls who were being a bit more provocative, and I refused to be that. However, as time as went on, I see that it’s not competing. It was me. I was NOT glorifying God, however that does not mean that God is absent from this world or that God can not be exemplified through competing. This isn’t some cult where we all are awful sexual people. So, my goal the next time that I will step on stage is to have a different mindset, a different outlook, and a different approach.


With love and competing,


Pumpkin Crumb Mug Cake

Well if this is not the most winner recipe I’ve ever put together, I don’t know what is …

For a while now, I have had a crumb cake in the back of my mind to make because Tanner has been obsessed with them this year! He loves loves them, so I thought I would try to recreate a healthier version …. I have to admit…. EPIC.

Okay, I’m done salivating over having another one and onto this beaut…

photo (27)

This is a FIVE ingredient one! This one is WORTH YOUR TIME SPENT! I promise!!!! Make it now!

Let us begin:


This is where the magic happened…it’s not glamorous but this is what you need

Ingredients (for the cake): 

Coconut Flour (mine is from Whole Foods and I love this brand)


1/2 teaspoon Baking powder

1 tablespoon Unsweetened Almond Milk

1 tablespoon coconut flour

Eggs (actually only one egg white)

1/2 scoop Protein powder (isolate protein is used in the recipe-readjust macros based on protein powder used)

2 tablespoons canned pumpkin

one stevia packet


Pour all contents into a mug one at a time.

DSC_0614 DSC_0617 DSC_0619 DSC_0623

Stir vigurously!


It will then look like this :


Then just microwave for one minute and set out to cool!


While this is cooking for one minute and cooling, you can whip up the topping! It’s so simple and is only a few….


1 tablespoon coconut flour

1 tablespoon unsweetened applesauce

cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice to preference



Mix and pour on top

The topping actually makes enough for like 8 cakes approximately (I made that up so when I entered the macros for the crumb portion, I selected my serving size as 1/8! Close enough, right?

image (5)

Honestly, this is probably my favorite recipe to date however, I’m obsessed with pumpkin and we all know that!

photo (28)

The macros are FANTASTIC!!! Check it out! Remember, divide those crumb macros by 8 or forget the crumbs if you don’t wanna waste time because it’s fantastic without! 🙂

With love and all things pumpkin,


Healthy Strawberry Cheesecake

Today, I wanted to share one of the recipes that you can find in my ebook here.

This one is not going to be one of my simple 4 ingredient recipes however it always worth it. It is so delicious! The calories of the slice are if you cut the cake into 8 pieces in a basic round pan!

strawberry cheesecake


Oatmeal Crust: 
2 1/2 cups of oats
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
1/2 cup sugar free syrup
1/4 cup baking stevia
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda

Strawberry Cheesecake Filling: 
3 containers 0% fat chobani plain Greek yogurt
6 fresh strawberries
1/4 cup cottage cheese
1/4 unsweetened almond milk
1 box of sugar free strawberry jello
1 box of sugar free cheesecake jello


Make the crust first. Combine all together and it will be sticky. Use flour on your hands to spread on a pie dish after spraying the dish well. You won’t have to use ALL of the dough unless you want a super thick crust.

Cook at 350 for about 15 minutes.
Mix the filling while this is cooking, and then add to crust and cook at 350 for another 15 minutes. Put in the fridge to become cheesecake consistency for at least 4 hours.

Mama Mia

If you know my mom, she goes by Mama Mia.

My brother just recently had a baby and so now she goes by Grandmama Mia. How cute right?

Anywho, the point of this blog is not just about her but about the world that she lives from my point of view. She has a blog called Mama Mia Cares which she simply uses as an outlet for hoping to share positives and negatives of being an around the clock care taker of her husband and my step dad (and also her mom but I won’t be gracing the surface of that).

If you know us, you know the back story but for those that don’t, Dick had a horrific wreck on a motorcycle 14 years ago. It was a year after they were married, and it forever changed things. I wanted to tell the story of that day from my perspective and the years that have followed, and the commitment to Christ, the dedication and unconditional love that my mom has shown for her husband in the face of pure adversity and the story of two love birds who know the definition of thick and thin. I’m sorry if I miss details. I was young and it blurs together…


This was at their wedding pre wreck

It’s so bizarre to think of the normal day to day that we lived having no idea of what was about to hit our lives that day…

He had to be at church so he was rushing out of the door. If you know him, you know he procrastinates until the last minute to get ready. I was in my room and remember thinking that I wanted to ride with him on the motorcycle to church. I hear him in the driveway and I run out to catch him to tell him I want to ride. He is already leaving and my mom tells me that he is in a really big rush or he would have come back to get me. Thank GOD he didn’t. I don’t think I would be writing this blog if so.

The wreck happened only minutes later. It was about a mile from our home. He was coming around the curve, and the car that was supposed to stop at the stop sign did not. Dick tried to stop in time, but everyone was going too fast, and he did not have enough time. They collided into one another and this catapulted him 50 feet I believe. (Let us pause and think about Dick Poston. He’s not a little man. That was some serious force to fly him that far). He was knocked unconscious. He remembers seeing cars pass and no one stopped. Then finally, someone stopped. He was able to tell this man to get in touch with my mom. I, of course, remember the next part vividly.

My mom is cooking in the kitchen with things on every burner. The phone rings. My mom picks up. She becomes so frantic. She says “I’m coming right now” and she starts crying and was frantic(Side Note: She wasn’t screaming or letting me in on too much. As usual, she was protecting me and didn’t want me to be scared). We leave immediately with food on the stove.

The next moments were such a blur. I remember parking on the side of the road and seeing his body lying on the ground. I start balling. Mom starts running. EMS had arrived. His elbow was dislocated so when they moved him, he screamed in pain. However, the worst part to see was his leg. It was completely mangled and his ankle was “crushed”. I remember it looks like there was literally no bones. His ankle looked like a towel that you are wringing wet, almost coiled. His back was broken but they did not catch this until 2 years later when it had already healed on it’s own because when they did X-rays, he was so bruised it was hard to see much of anything. I think sometimes our memories fade because they are so bad, but the memory stops there. I don’t remember him getting in the ambulance. I just remember I was on TV holding his shoes and I thought that was cool because he was on the news.

I don’t think my mom realized that 14 years later, she would be writing a blog about an extension off of the horror from that day. She dressed his wounds in weeks to follow. After he left the hospital, he actually had to have nursing care come into the home and a hospital bed that was put into our living room. But we thanked God because he was alive. He would never ride a motorcycle again. He was a professional bowler and he would never bowl again. He went to bike week every year at the beach and now it’s hard for him to even talk about it because he gets too emotional.

To top it all off, the BOY that hit him did not have insurance. He claimed that the brakes on his vehicle did not work. He was 17 years old, didn’t have a license, and didn’t have insurance of course. He skipped court multiple times and sueing him wasn’t an option because he had no money. There have been many times in frustration that Dick Poston has wanted to leave the house and find the man that did this to him, but of course Mama Mia always stopped that 🙂

Is it awful to say that I can’t remember my step dad without a limp or a cane? I can’t remember a time that he didn’t have back pain. I can’t remember a time that he didn’t have a mangled looking ankle that they pieced back together. The amount of medical issues that this has caused him since that day are astronomical and if you didn’t live it everyday, you wouldn’t believe it. He had a pulmonary embolism that moved from his legs and burst in his lungs which he was brought to the hospital within hours of most likely not making it. He also went hunting one time and had pneumonia and didn’t know it, so he passed out in the tree stand, falling he hit the tree on the way down and broke 10 of his ribs. All of these medical issues were an extension off this wreck…


Still yet, they stay positive. They go into a spinal cord stimulation trial 14 years later praying for hope that God grant them some peaceful days. My mom will text me sometimes and say “Is it okay if I just vent for a second? I’ve cried all day and just need someone.” Boy, does she break my heart with those texts. My heart feels for her so much. I want to take his pain away for HER. She’s become so accustomed to doing things always for everyone else that she then feels guilty if she does something for herself and always says she’s sorry. WHY ARE YOU SORRY WOMAN?

The most miraculous thing is their love. Like honestly, I 100% do not know how this has not beat them down. Nope. He tells her she is beautiful seriously every day. He loves her so much it’s disgusting. Like truly, it’s disgusting and sometimes I’m like “Dear lord, please hush”. She could look like a hot mess and he’s like “Ohhh I love the way you did your hair baby” hahaha!


Everyone said their puppy love would fade. Everyone joked that they would not be mushy forever. They still are. I can only dream that my love for Tanner is as unfailing and unconditional as theirs because the times that most women would have given up on their husbands, she didn’t and when all others would have lost the faith, she never has. She does occasionally kick him under the table though when he’s telling a story that he’s told 15 times already to which I do not blame her because sometimes I try to kick him myself 😉

We all have our issues and hardships. They almost make it seem as if they don’t though sometimes because they still live life with such joy. I guess that’s why I thought I would share what it truly looks like from the outside knowing all the insider details.

With love and family,


Internet Bullying

I’m not sure if you are aware, but I think that someone needs to make everyone aware of something that has gotten completely out of hand….internet bullying.

I think that we all know that if someone is “social media famous” that if you see a picture that they post then there are at least a couple of comments of people who have negative things to say. I am most aware of this in fitness because of course, that is what I’m interested in but this pertains to everything. If this was about me, then I wouldn’t be writing this post. I’m writing this because it’s about my friends that have been messed with, and I’m fed up.

People get balls they have never had before when they are sitting behind the computer keys. And it needs to stop.

I was watching E news the other night speaking on social media fame and how if you want to be in it, then you MUST have a thick skin because it is inevitable, people are hateful.

And to be quite honest, I’m a little pissed off. Is that okay if I say that? Pissed. Off. So here’s my letter to all of you awful people.

Dear butthole,

Are you so disturbed with your own life that you have to delve into someone else’s? Do you not have confidence in yourself that you must tear others down because your jealousy is shining right through? Are you so self righteous that you think that you have never done anything that is not of perfection in your entire life?

Have you ever sped? Have you ever not worn your seat belt? Quit casting stones before you look at your own pitiful life.

If this post makes you uncomfortable, then that’s because you need to check yourself.

And not only did you stop at making negative comments on social media, you start a website with FORUMS to say awful awful things about other people.

Have you ever stopped for ONE FREAKING SECOND and thought that maybe that person would see it? Have you ever thought for one second on how that would make them feel? Just as I’m sitting behind this computer, so are all of those other “famous social media” people, and they read what you say. And to be vulnerable, it hurts them. It really hurts them.

Words go deeper than you think. Words can uplift and words can tear down. Have you ever considered that if you see flaws in someone, it’s because they are going through a really hard time? Have you ever considered they have demons that haunt them and all you are doing is bringing them to the forefront?

If you do realize all of these things, and you still think your behavior is okay, then you’re a bigger douche bag than I thought.

The next time you think about saying your hateful comments again, I just want you to remember these words:



Your biggest enemy

This is a tribute to all of the men and women who have fallen victim to this. You are amazing. You are worthy, and no words they ever speak about you define who you are. Never forget that. I’ll leave you with this:


With love and haters,


How to Reverse Diet


Yesterday, I posted a picture to instagram of how I have reversed dieted up to almost 200g of carb, and I received a lot of questions so I wanted to do a post on “How to Reverse Diet” and how to get started on this.

photo (21) photo (22)

The left is in April after my show, and the right is yesterday after adding 800 calories. The only difference I can kinda see is a bigger dlet which hey! I’m A-okay with dat 😉 Especially since I’ve literally doubled my intake of carbohydrates.

First, what is reverse dieting?

Reverse dieting AKA metabolic adaptation AKA increasing your metabolic capacity –> slowly increasing your calories, carbs, and fats over time so that your body is able to maintain weight with more food. You do this through counting your macronutrients, which leads me to ….

1. You need to understand macronutrient counting. Reference here.

Macro counting is not one in the same as reverse dieting which is a common misconception. Many count macros and they are on a cut (caloric deficit to lose fat). When one decides to reverse diet, the goal is minimal, if any, fat gain. However, this is not a guarantee and everyone responds differently, which leads me to #2.

2. Realize the purpose and potential of reverse dieting.

The reason for reverse dieting is more for your future rather than your present, so it’s something that you set out knowing that you must be patient. You build your metabolic capacity to be able to maintain weight on A LOT more calories. As I referenced above, some gain 2lbs, some gain 5lbs, and some gain 10lbs depending on how long they reverse diet and how they do it. This is so individual so no coach is going to be able to tell you “You will not gain weight” or “You will gain 5 pounds exactly.” You are FOREVER changing your future though. This means that every other “diet” or “cut” or “fat loss” process that you set out on, you will be able to do this on a higher caloric intake because your body is maintaining weight with more calories. This is for your future, so don’t complain that you aren’t getting “shredded and fit” with reverse dieting. That’s not really the point.

3. Find your maintenance.

This can be tricky, and this is where I recommend that again, you get a coach and be patient. You need to figure out the macros that you are currently maintaining your weight so that you have a starting point to start your increase.

This will be different if you are coming off of a competition. You will want to start just slightly above those macros. I see some coaches start their clients at 50g extra carb directly after their shows. To be honest, I just can’t comprehend that. Your body is in a really vulnerable state. You shouldn’t have dieted so hard that you need to add that much food. You will most likely gain weight immediately if so. I would recommend increasing your carbs 10g extra after your show and 5g fat and then start increasing from there.

4. When is it an appropriate time to reverse diet?

Essentially, you can reverse diet at any point. Here are some times when I think it is most appropriate.

a) You have tried and tried to lose weight and it’s not coming off and you are already at a low caloric intake that you SHOULD be losing weight on. You could reverse diet then cut once your calories are higher.

b) You have metabolic damage from an eating disorder. You have dieted for years at less than 1000 calories and you feel that the road is hopeless but it is NOT! You can reverse out of it! I truly believe in this area that reverse dieting could change the world. I have watched it change so many lives from the inside, out.

c) You are just coming off of a competition. I think this is a time that it is CRUCIAL unless you want to go into a state of post show depression of gaining weight fast. Your body is not in the type of state to just jump right back into normal eating. The way that our cells work, your body is going to essentially be a vaccuum. You are going to hold onto everything. You MUST have a reverse plan coming off of a show!!! I REPEAT: GET A PLAN FOR POST SHOW!!!

d) You have lost weight and feel that you are at a place that you like the way that you look so you just wanna maintain that, but hey! Who doesn’t love to eat more? So, you reverse diet while maintaining that physique.

My personal recommendation is that people lean out first. Make sure that you are comfortable in your own skin, and start from there. Accept yourself and accept that you may gain a few pounds that will better your future, and start with a fresh mindset. Then, get excited because your life will change forever 🙂

5. Can I reverse diet if I need to lose weight?

I think there is honestly a HUGE misconception with this. You see pictures of girls that have before and afters of clean eating versus reverse dieting and they look better from reverse dieting. I would say 99% of the time, those girls dieted down to a really lean state and then started reverse dieting. It is rare that a person can just hop right into reverse dieting and lose weight. Many times when girls are clean eating only (and this is a generalization I know), they are also binge eating. This is like RAMPANT in the industry as sad as that is. Binge eating destroys metabolism, not clean eating. “Clean eating” just isn’t as fun as macros, but let’s be real, if done appropriately without binge eating, it works. There are some people that maybe have never lifted before that will start to lose inches simply from macronutrient counting and weight training but if you have been weight training and dieting and you still want to get leaner, then you are going to need to be in a caloric deficit. The lies all over instagram drive me crazy of people wanting to sell their programs. And that’s a fact, jack!

6. Do I have to have metabolic damage to reverse diet?

No. Absolutely not. I think this is another common misconception. My husband is reverse dieting and his metabolism is already sky high but again, who doesn’t want to eat more and maintain weight? It’s a no brainer! GIVE US ALL THE CARBS.

7. Okay, I get it. Now what do I do?

My personal preference is that you increase carbs by 5g per week and fats by 1g per week. The other recommendation that Layne states in his video logs is 10g of carb per week and 2g of fat per week. I know this is double what I stated. I go slowwwww. I have found that it keeps girls from freaking out from the excess water that they hold when they first start on new macros. I also, from personal experience, gained 10 pounds the first time that I tried to reverse diet by doing 10g of carb per week so I took it much slower this time and it worked.

So, this is what that would look like.

If you are currently eating 1500 calories (150g P, 130g C, 42g F) then you would do that for one week, then you would go to 150g P, 135g C, 43g F. Now you are asking, what in the world? That’s so silly and pointless. NO!! In 3 weeks, you have gone from 130g to 145g of carb! Over 6, 12, 16 weeks, it becomes substantial!

8. What if I’m gaining weight?

Slow down. Don’t feel that you have to increase every week. I don’t. There are some weeks when I may feel weird and I just maintain macros for that week. There should be no time limit on it. This is for your future. Just be patient.

9. Should I do refeeds or cheat meals?

There is no science behind a refeed. Quite frankly, there is no science behind reverse dieting. This is all observation. I don’t recommend a refeed. This would be an entirely different article, but my personal preference is that you just do the same macros every single day!!! Cheat meals are all a mental thing in my opinion. If you feel you need it, then go for it. I personally don’t have them. I always feel then that I don’t want to increase the next day, so I just keep it consistent and have a day where I just “guestimacro” and fit things like froyo and cheeseburgers in when I wouldn’t normally do that every day.

I would absolutely love to help you get started, so if you are interested in a plan that I can create personally for you, then you can find that here. Let me know if you have any questions, and you can comment below or follow me on instagram @katiesfitscript or follow this blog where I try to give as much information as possible.

photo (20)

Solid proof that it works, and I’m documenting every step so yall will believe it too!